Bonus Winners!
Congratulations!! (grand prize winner is at the end)

There were 416 reports submitted by the contest deadline of May 11th.  Random numbers generated the following ten winners in the Bonus 2001 give-away! They will receive:

  • Tree planting kits and pencils for students (up to 400)
  • T-shirts for teachers (up to 20)
  • Wooden recognition plaque for school
  • Plus, special mention on our Web site

Here are their reports:

1) Mitzi Luedtke
Humphrey Public School
Humphrey, NE USA
We decorated 200 bags!
About our project: As the Technology Coordinator, I was forwarded the information about Earth Day Bags. I got my teachers excited about this. We live in a small town and when I asked around about names on the bags, many of the community members said that they enjoy seeing the names on the bags so they could compliment the student on their work. The kids enjoyed researching different pictures that they might include on the bags. This went over well with the teachers and the students.

2) Susan Twidle
Howell High School
Farmingdale, NJ USA
We decorated 110 bags!
About our project: I did this project with my high school environmental science class and the Shop N Bag in Farmingdale N.J.

3) Kim Caley
Justin Elementary School
Justin, TX USA
We decorated 392 bags!
About our project: Students in grades K-3 participated in different activities to celebrate Earth Day. They learned about recycling, reusing, reducing, saving energy, air and water. Kindergarten students are creating a book about the beautiful Earth. 3rd grade students created brochures with information about making every day Earth Day. 1st grade students are researching endangered animals and creating posters to save them. 2nd grade students are creating posters to promote Earth Day. We are having a school-wide book and toy swap, recycled art display, door decorating contest, and a 'wear green" day. The students loved decorating the bags for the only grocery store in our town!

4) Lynda Whitley
Oakboro School
Oakboro, NC USA
We decorated 761 bags! About our project: The only unusual aspect of our project was that the Food Lion did not have plain paper bags, they all had printing on them, so we had to do our art work on a seperate piece of paper then glue it onto the bags. This was extra work but we had a good time doing it!

5) Sandy Perkins
Irmo Elementary School
Irmo, SC USA
We decorated 98 bags! About our project: Kroger was very happy to participate in this project. We concentrated on just second grade and we had every child, but one, participate.

6) Esther Schoem
Hawaiian Ave. Children's Center
Wilmington, CA USA
We decorated 92 bags!  About our project: We looked at a globe, talked about where we lived, and read an illustrated Earth Day poem. We discussed what they could draw on the bags - animals, plants - things from nature. We talked about what the bags were made from and how we could use the bags over and over - recycling, instead of throwing them away.

7) Caryn White
Hyatt Elementary
San Jacinto, CA USA
We decorated 500 bags! About our project: The students enjoy sending their environmental messages out into the community.

8) Dianna Myers
Reserve Elementary School
Reserve, NM USA
We decorated 65 bags! About our project: Our class of 4th graders enjoys learning about saving our earth. Decorating grocery bags to tell the people of our community to save our earth was really fun.

9) Bonnie Price
Ellen Bigelow
Athol, MA USA
We decorated 200 bags! About our project: 200 grocery bags were borrowed from our local supermarket. They were decorated by the students before Earth Day. I then brought them back to the store where they were distributed on Sunday April 22nd. Customers carried their groceries home in a decorated bag with an Earth Day theme. Hopefully they will reuse them.

10) Kim Currey
Acacia Elementary School
Phoenix, AZ USA
We decorated 120 bags!

The Grand Prize Winner received all the above prizes, plus

The Great White brand of paper from International Paper donated 1500 reams of Multipurpose 30% Recycled Paper to the winning school. 

And the Grand Prize Winner is.... drum roll, please.......

Pat Bender
Kernsville School
Orefield, PA USA
We decorated 650 bags! About our project: Thanks to Kings in Schnecksville over 650 students decorated bags that will be distributed at the store on April 22. Our school has students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Reduce, reuse, and recycle by coming to the store and using our colorful bags!

Congratulations to all, and thanks to all who sent in reports!