Pictures from 2002
Noble Elementary in Cleveland Heights, OH

Students at Noble Elementary School, located at 1293 Ardoon, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project to help educate the community on this important public event.

The local Giant Eagle supermarket donated brown bags for every student in the school to decorate. Store Manager Brian Ferrier and Department Head Stephanie Rogers had the finished artwork displayed around the store several weeks prior to Earth Day.  The bags were taken down and distributed to customers the week of the celebration.

The project was taken on in all of the classrooms at Noble, so students in kindergarten through fifth grade helped to pass their earth friendly mottoes on to their neighbors.  Some students read about the process of recycling and discussed ways to reduce consumer waste and alternatives to current programs.           

The children were very enthusiastic about their involvement in this project and plan to keep up their commitment to being “Earth Savers.”