Pictures from 2002
Stockbridge Plain School in Stockbridge, MA



We had a total of 175 bags decorated for Earth Day. This was a wonderful project for all of us involved. The students were able to express, in a positive way, their thoughts about Earth Day and have that message shared throughout the community. The student artwork and positive messages were appreciated by community members, the store manager related that his customers loved the bags. While the students were decorating their bags in the classrooms we were able to guide discussions about the importance of taking care of the Earth, and students eagerly shared their ideas with others. The fact that this project blends in with technology is another strong point. Students accessed the website and are looking forward to seeing their school's report posted along with many others. All in all, this was a fantastic Enrichment project.

Donna Astion
Enrichment Teacher
Stockbridge Plain School
Village School
Stockbridge/West Stockbridge, Ma 01262