Pictures from 2002
Wareham Child Care's DECAS School-Age Program in Wareham, MA

Wareham Child Care's DECAS School-Age Program (Ages 6 - 12)...Our children did a beautiful job decorating the 157 grocery bags distributed to Stop and Shop on Earth Day. Pictured are some of the bags. As part of Earth Day 2002, we studied about the Rainforest and the Kapok Tree. Pictured are murals the children created and displayed on the cafeteria walls of the school. Our other Earth Day Projects included "A Nature Walk", collecting nature items (such as flowers, pinecones, grass, dirt etc.) and using these items to make Nature Posters. We also read and discussed "A Nature Guide Book" which included facts about plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. and the "Beauties of Nature Around Us". We also went on a hike where we picked up junk such as spools, beads, Popsicle sticks, paper clips, twigs, etc. Later we covered the objects with tin foil, glued them together to make junk sculptures. We did a School-Yard Clean Up and later made Do Not Litter Posters using some of the litter we found and hung them around the school. We planted corn seeds in plastic zip-lock bags. We went for a hike in the woods. We hugged a tree making tree rubbings. These we compared and concluded No two were alike! We also read and discussed these other books, "In The Woods", "Wonders of Plants & Animals", "The Apple Pie", " All About Seeds", "The Sunflower House", "Nuts To You", and "A Fawn In The Grass." It was a Great Spring Break for the children and we really enjoyed learning all about our Earth, our environment, and how to take care of it!
Again "THANK YOU" for Earth Day. We had a great time.
Bette Sobieraj