Pictures from 2005
Radisson SAS Resort and Golden Resort by Rezidor SAS in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This was the first time that our hotels participated in The Earth Day bags Project. Our General Manager Mr. Twerenbold, Animation Team, in-house children and their parents were very supportive. We used our breakfast box bags and our in-house children at the hotels' kids clubs liked the idea and succeeded in getting 100 bags decorated before the event and we distributed the bags to our guests on April 22nd. This project allowed children of various ages and nationalities to appreciate and respect nature and the idea helped to spread the awareness to the children and accordingly their parents as well as the guests who received the breakfast boxes. As a follow up with our hotels' guests they loved our bags and re-used them! We plan to make this project an annual event.

Contribution of the in-house Children and the Management of Radisson SAS Resort Sharm El Sheikh and Golden Resort by Rezidor SAS to the Earth Day 2005.