Pictures from 1999
Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington

This report is coming from the home of the Earth Day Groceries Project, Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington! Once again our school has teamed up with the Arbor Heights Safeway to spread the message of Earth Day to our community. We delivered 464 beautiful bags two days before Earth Day. We were met by the assistant manager, Julie. She showed us the wall over the produce department - covered with bags made by us (the third graders from Room 12), and then took us to the back of the store where each student got a super snack bag - something fun to eat on our walk back to Arbor Heights School. Thank you, Julie!

We also delivered over 50 bags from a Campfire Girls group affiliated with our school. So, our total is about 525 bags! We had a contest at our school this year. The five classrooms with the best looking bags (as determined by an impartial panel!) received a $20.00 gift certificate from Safeway - so they could buy some treats for an Earth Day Party. The winners were Rooms 3(AM), 9, 15, 22, and 25. Thanks to our PTSA for covering that expense!

So this is our sixth year doing this project. Most of the great students at our school know all about the Earth Day Groceries Project - or at least about decorating bags. Most of the fifth graders have done the activity every year since they were in kindergarten! We put up a real big map of the US in the front of the school, and the kids from Room 12 have been busy pasting reports (over 1,000!) to the wall around it and putting dots (with numbers for the amount of bags made) on the many states, provinces, and countries participating. It's been a great geography lesson.

We'll have some pictures of the kids from Room 12 on the web site soon. We were slowed down some by the theft of our digital camera during a break-in a couple of months ago. We're doing scanned photos this year.

Happy Earth Day, 1999! Wait 'til Earth Day 2000!

Mark Ahlness
Teacher, grade three at:
Arbor Heights Elementary School