1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Alberta

Blaine Whitford
Margaret Wooding School
Redcliff, AB, Canada
Bags decorated: 185
Comments: Thank you for the fantastic idea! We are a small school of grades four to six in a remote town in Southeastern Alberta.
A local grocery store donated the bags and every class (8) was given the opportunity to participate in the project.
The diversity and artwork of the students was outstanding. We displayed the finished products around the school in hallways, classrooms, and in the library. A small goup of students delivered the bags to the grocery store for distribution to customers.
It was very enjoyable and we look forward to participating again next year. Once our film has been developed, we will display some of our work on our website.
Thank you!
Cheryl Gurevitch
Akiva Academy
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Bags decorated: 85
Comments: The students were really excited about this project, and were happy to promote a variety of Earth Day messages.
Penny Lennard
Chris Akkerman Elementary School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Bags decorated: 370
Comments: Students at Chris Akkerman Elementary School in Calgary have decorated 370 grocery bags to be distributed at the Trans Canada Mall Safeway store. The students were thoughtful about the messages and pictures that they chose to convey on their bags. This opportunity allowed them to realize pride and ownership in their work along with a sense of responsibility to take care of our planet. Thank you.

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Alberta

All of our students at Clara Tyner Elementary from kindergarten to Grade 6 decorated a large paper grocery bag donated from our Ottewell community IGA grocery store. In total we decorated 185 grocery bags. This is the first year we have been involved in this project and hope to make it a yearly tradition. It is a wonderful way to get the message out to the community that the children at Clara Tyner care about their environment!
Sandra Gluth (sgluth@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca)
Clara Tyner Elementary
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The students at Father Kenneth Kearns School in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada enjoyed decorating and distributing 350 paper bags to our local Save-On-Foods Grocery store for use on Earth Day. The children thought this was a great idea and eeven included the school's email address, hoping that their bag may eventually end up in a far off location. A special thank you to Mr. Schmidt, the mamager of Save-On-Foods.
Arlene Littlemore (arlenelittlemore@shaw.wave.ca)
Father Kenneth Kearns Elementary School
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
We'd just like to report that High Park School, a K - 9 school in Stony Plain, Alberta, took up your challege of grocery bags for Earth Day. We "prepared" 200 bags for our local IGA and 200 more for our local Co-op. All of our students from grades one to nine participated, sometimes in partnerships between grades. We focused half our bags on the 5 threats to the Earth - the HIPPO slogan of Habitat loss, introduced species, population growth, pollution and over-production.
The two stores agreed to use the bags on EARth day as an awareness campaign. We advertised this project in our our school newsletter.
This has been a great experience for our school.
How do we find our who else particpated in Alberta?
Marianne Rogers
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