Colorado Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

The students at Boulder Country Day School in Boulder, Co., designed a total of 100 grocery bags. Albertson's was so kind to give the bags. Students designing the bags were Kindergarten - 5th graders. They turned out beautifully and taught shoppers an important message about Earth Day "99. Thanks for the project.
Kristin McLaurin -
Little, Boulder Country Day School
Boulder, Co.
Cindy Rimmer
Fraser Valley Elementary
Fraser, Colorado US
Bags decorated: 182
Comments: Thanks to the donation of grocery bags from the local Safeway store, our school was able to decorate 182 beautiful bags. Students in grades 1-5 participated in this worthwhile environmental program. Some classes incorporated what they were learning into other curriculum areas. For example, the ecological message fit perfectly with the second grade's unit on the rain forest. The fourth grade was able to write "recycled poetry," on paper that they made themselves out of old newspaper. Everyone had a great time! Thanks so much for the ideas.
Danielle Dolick
Coronado Hills Elementary
Denver, CO
Bags decorated: about 450
Comments: Our class was happy to read about this project in Weekly Reader. As soon as the kids read the article, they knew this was something that our school should do to help make the community aware of Earth Day. This is the first year our school has participated, and the kids absolutely loved it. The people at Albertson's were also very eager to help! Most teachers in our school participated from kindergarten through fifth grade. It was an excellent experience which we hope to repeat. Thank you for getting us started.
Jan Zobeck
Hellbeck Elementary
Pueblo, Colorado, USA
Bags decorated: 313
Comments: Students in 1st and 2nd grades decorated bags with County Market, a local grocery store being the sponsor.
Maria Casillas
East Memorial Elementary School
Greeley, Colorado USA
Bags decorated: 22
Comments: Thank you for organizing this project. My students did a lot of thinking about the importance of taking care of our planet. They wrote inspirational messages on their bags, and we really hope we helped to make a difference!
Sandy Tarantino
Martensen Elementary School
Wheatridge Colorado USA
Bags decorated: 22
Comments: I would like a second poster to loan to my grocery store next year because I'm going to try to get the whole school involved. Thanks for this great program and materials!
Nancy Kelso
Northside School
Montrose, CO
Bags decorated: 50
Comments: My co-worker Marie Novotny also decorated 25 bags for Safeway She is also third grade at Northside. Great activity! thekids really enjoyed it. 25 bags were for City Market 25 bags were for Safeway
Robert Sullivan
Aims Community College
Greeley CO
Bags decorated: 12
Comments: Thailand Intensive English Program students made these bags. We are 12 to 14 year olds who are visiting the USA for 6 weeks to learn English and American culture.

Deborah Lux-Harriman
Cortez Middle School
Cortez,Colorado 81323/ USA
Bags decorated: 83
Comments: Just the first year! We wll expand next year to all 850 students instead of just the 6th grade art classes.City Market in Cortez Colorado donated the bags.
Bags decorated: 143
Comments: Great project!We found out about it kind of late. We plan to do more bages next year.
Shawna Crocker
Ricks Center for Gifted Cilderen
Denver CO USA
Bags decorated: 17
Susan Schigur
Coronado Hill Elementary
Thornton, CO
Bags decorated: 125
Comments: We started this year with 2 fifth grade classes and the Title 1 Reading students in 1-4 grades. Next year, I would like to include the entire school (530 students) by making this an EarthSaver's Project (an after school environmental club that I began 6 years ago.) Good Idea!!!!!!!
Paula Bennett
Fulton Elementary School
Aurora, CO 80010 USA
I just completed 150 bags. I am a student teacher at Cache La Poudre Elementary School in LaPorte, Colorado (Northwest of Fort Collins). I teach a 2/3 Multiage class which has 25 students. I got all of the other second and third grade classes to participate, as well, totalling 150 students which totalled 150 bags. We are participating with Overland Foods - the local grocery store in LaPorte. I am pleased to say that this was a great activity and the students responded very well to it. I will be excited to see how the community responds to it!

Colorado Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

This year our school participated in the 1998 Earth Day Groceries Project. Our students decorated about 150 grocery bags and gave them to our local grocery store. This is our school's first year doing the project although it has been going on for five years. Some of the students had fun decorating their bags outside, but other classes were not able to because it snowed. All the classes had fun decorating the bags with crayons and markers. Our school had a lot of fun doing the project and we are looking forward to it next year. We also encourage more schools to do this wonderful project!
Mountain View Core Knowledge School (
1016 Mystic
Canon City,Colorado 81212

Colorado Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Me and a group of kids from an evironmental club decorated 143 bags from King Soopers! We are from Sierra Elem. in Arvada CO.
Leslie Jones
Weldon Valley School is a K - 12 school on the eastern plains of Colorado. For the past three years our entire school has "celebrated" Earth Day by learning about our enviornment and also by picking up trash. This year as part of our day, we decorated grocery sacks that were donated by the Safeway store in Fort Morgan. We decorated approximately 80 bags.
Beth Bartell
Weldon Valley School
Weldona, CO 80653
My aide found this program on the internet and we decided to go with it. She called our local grocery store and they donated the grocery sack. The 3 classes participating decorated the bags with earth day designs and we returned them to the store to be given out with groceries in on earth day afternoon. The children in one class enjoyed it so much that they each made another one to put on construction paper to take home. We did a total of 75 bags.
Rita Martinez
Columbian Elementary
Las Animas, Colorado

Colorado Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Yes we did participate again this year. We decorated 480 bags and thoroughly enjoyed it as much as before. Thanks for coordinating this fun project.

Christa McAuliffe elementary School in Greeley, Colorado
Kendra Rutledge

Dear Arbor Heights,
Mesa Elementary participated in the Earth day grocery sacks as part of our schoolwide earth day events. Our final count was 153 sacks. Thanks,

Laura Herrick
Mesa School

Colorado Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Thank you for being "the hub" of the 1995 Grocery Bags on Earth Day project! The students at Mapleton Elementary School, a small one hundred year old school in Boulder, Colorado, decorated 170 bags on April 17th. We returned our sacks to our neighborhood sponsor, Moe's Broadway Bagels, on April 19th. What a marvelous project! People continue to make great comments about those sacks full of bagels and their concern for saving the Earth. Your suggestion made Earth Day very special for us, and we hope for those who received the bags decorated by our children.

 Lindsay Calhoun
        Media Specialist
        Mapleton Elementary School
        Boulder, Colorado

At S. Christa McAuliffe elementary School in Greeley, Colorado, we decorated 480 grocery bags from one of our supermarkets in town. Not only was the store incredibly pleased to help us out, they have gotten wonderful comments as to the nature of this project. Thanks go to you for heading this up!!

Kendra Rutledge
3rd Grade teacher