Costa Rica Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Dear Friends :
Hi! We are elementary teachers from a Costa Rican Elementary School named Dr. Jose Maria Castro Madriz, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. Few days ago, browsing on the Web, we had a tremendous pleasure to find your WebPage that actually showed us the very special and dedicated teachers and students you guys are. We read about your grocery bag project, and we decided to apply it in our institution and community, because we believed that it is an ideal project to have our students involved into the pollution and natural resources abuse. As you may know, Costa Rica, is a little country, however it has a huge variety of natural resources that we try to protect in order to inherit to our children.

Knowing the importance of preserving this marvelous environment, we decided to adopt your project as ours. We contacted a local supermarket, which gave us three thousand paper grocery bags, that we gave to our students between kindegarden and sixth grade (5 to 12 years old) including a group (class) of deaf students. After watching some natural resources videos, provided by McDoanld's Corp. they were able to transfer their own ideas to the paper bags using different art techniques such as color pencils, crayons, water colors, and even disposable materials such as dried leaves and flowers. We obtained such success that even a national TV news network and newspaper gave us some coverage.

You may contact us by email : or using the fax number (506)226-2038 We wish to congratulate you for your effort and we like to consider our school as a "sister" school to yours. We want you to feel proud that a school located in Central America was able to join your project.

We wish the very best for you in the future,
PHD. Milena Fonseca Garcia, Teacher
Bachelor, Martha Barrantes Lopez, Teacher

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