1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Delaware

Marcia L. Windley
West Seaford Elem
Seaford, DE 19973
Bags decorated: 150
Comments: All third grade students at West Seaford Elementary decorated bags donated by Food City here in Seaford, DE. Many parents and teachers received their groceries in our schools' bags during Earth Week. We hope people got the message to reuse and recycle their bags. We hope to participate next year. Thanks!
Elaine Maggioli
Independence School
Newark, DE, USA
Bags decorated: 450
Comments: Thank-you, we enjoyed participating in this project and are looking forward to the Earth Day 2000 project!
I'm Sue Walls, the Environmental Community Relations Specialist from Dover AFB, DE. I was excited to read about Earth Day Groceries Project on the Internet. I figured I'd give it a try this year with the children from the Child Development Center on base (I chose the age 2 - 5 category). I contacted the commissary officer on base (to get the bags) and also coordinated the effort with the assistant director from the CDC. Both officials were happy to help and participate with the recycling awareness effort.
I personally purchased the washable water color markers I asked the children to use. (I had read an article stating that markers were more environmentally friendly vs. crayons) I took the brown bags and wrote an Earth Day message on each one. Some stated "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" while others had a "Save Our Planet" slogan on them. The majority had a big circle with the words Earth Day '99 below.
My total count was 76 bags!! I featured a story on the bag project in an Earth Day insert for our base paper on 16 April. It was titled "Earth Day Groceries Project shows our little ones care about the big picture." It was accompanied by a photo I took of an adorable 2-year old girl putting her artistic and imaginative efforts to work on a brown grocery bag. I brought the decorated bags to the commissary today and took some photos of the commissary workers using the "works of art" to bag the patrons groceries. If you'd like, I can send you print photos or some of the digital images I took of Dover AFB's participation in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Please return an e-mail to me, letting me know which (if any) you'd like to have. I'd like to add some of the efforts from Dover AFB to your collection.
Lastly, I wanted to let you know what a great idea you had several years ago and am glad you got the program on the Internet to share with others. Thanks a bunch!! Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Susan E. Walls
436 AW/PA
201 Eagle Way
Dover AFB, DE 19902
Kathleen Jolly
Albert H. Jones Elementary School
Christiana, DE, USA
Bags decorated: 500
Comments: This was our first time participating in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Our school's theme for April is "Earth Day is Everyday!" This project was a perfect way for our students to take an active participation in our theme. Super G donated the bags and will distribute them on Earth Day. The students wrote wonderful environmental messages. They did a fantastic job decorating the bags. It was a very positive experience for everyone. I am sure we will participate again next year.
Hello from the Pilot School, Wilmington, Delaware. My class of seven participated in your Bag project. We decorated 70 bags and will help distribute them at the local Super G market today at 1:00p.m. Hope to be able to send some pictures. Thanks for a great project! The students are really excited about it.
Victoria R. Maccari
Special Education Teacher
The Pilot School
Wilmington, DE
Bags decorated: 496
Comments: Children and teachers were excited about the bags! They turned out beautifully and it came at a good time because the whole school was involved in statewide testing so this activity was a good week -long project!!
Adrienne Wingate
H.O.Brittingham Elementary
Milton, DE

1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Delaware

Here at Talley we were able to get the whole school involved and 5 of the local supermarkets donated bags. All the students in seventh and eighth grades decorated the bags with various designs about saving the earth and some of the startling facts that we discussed. We decorated a total of 516 bags. They were returned to the managers who were very impressed with what the kids had done. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the project. Most of the kids were dissapointed that we were only coloring the bags for one day. The kids were having a great time doing them - not just because they got a "day off" in their science classes, but because they were going to educate the public about some very interesting topics. Unfortunately, the local paper here didn't seem as enthusiastic as everyone else did with the activity. I tried several times to get a reporter to do a piece on what the kids were doing, but my phone calls and faxes were not returned. I'm glad to see that there are a few more schools in Delaware participating! I plan on making this an annual activity in my classes. Thanks for the great idea!
Nina Harasika Praleene@AOL.COM
Talley Middle School
Wilmington, DE
We are a small K-3 school located in Newark, Delaware (Home of the University of Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens!) We decorated 190 grocery bags and returned them to our local Pathmark store. A special thanks goes to Mr. Gary Goff, the Pathmark store manager, for cooperating with us on this green project. Our students enjoyed decorating the grocery bags and look forward to getting an Earth Day bag on their next shopping trip. This is a great project to connect schools with their local communities. Children love to create and adults sometimes need to be reminded that this earth and its valuable resources MUST be around for the children. We look forward to getting the report about worldwide participation. See you next year!
Linda Slacum lindas@delanet.com
West Park Elementary School
Newark Delaware USA

1996 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Delaware

Greetings and Happy Earth Day.
The students here at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, DE made 400 Earth Day Grocery Bags. We are anxious to here the results of this project. Please e-mail us at uacomp@udel.edu. Thanks for letting us participate in the Earth Day Project :-)

The students and staff of Ursuline Academy
Karen Mann