Japan Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Evelyn Chew
DODDS-Bob Hope Primary School
APO AP 96367 (Okinawa, Japan)
Bags decorated: 400
Comments: Our first grade team (10 classes), some third and kindergarten classes took part in this wonderful event. The students were able to not only share their artistic skills, but they also shared how they could take care of the earth. The bags were given to us by the Kadena Air Base Commissary. We delivered them on April 20th. A small number of students and parents came with me to make the presentation. The students gave a short speech to the Commissary Director and to some of the workers.
This is my second year taking part in this activity. Last year my first grade class in Harlem , New York took part in this community sharing event. Thank you.
We are on a military base and paper sacks are not always available. We used your idea and graphics to recycle milkcartons into birdhouses. We sold them for $1.50 and used the money to purchase rainforest acreage. Thank you for the great project idea.
DC Community
(Ms. Baker's 3rd grade class)
Ikego Elementary-Zushi Japan
Psc 474 Box 300
FPO AP 96351-0003
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