Macedonia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

I am pleased to inform you that children from the primary school Vojdan Cernodrinski from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia have decorated 310 paper bags. Today we will distribute this bags in the shops. Also we would like to send you some of the bags to you, unfortunately we don't have your addressee.
We have started Our Project on 21 of march 1998. This is the day when in our country start the environmental action in school. This week children and their teachers were patroling in the areas around the school in order to defined the most frequent garbage. Than they colected some paper in the school. In the company thay could see the proces of recycling the paper. As a present thay have recived 300 paper bags. Thay have decorated them and than make small exibition in the school and today, 22 april thay will distribute this bags to the costumers.
Best regards and Happy Earth Day
Emilija Stavridis
Vojdan Cernodrinski School
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
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