1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Nevada

Gina Iurato
Las Vegas, Nevada
Bags decorated: 165
Comments: We had a tough time getting the local schools to participate so we located the local girl scout troop and they pitched in. Also on Earth Day we set up a table in the front of the store and talked to them about Earth Day and what it meant to them. The kids were also allowed to decorate their own personal bag that day to take their groceries home in.
Bags decorated: 212
Comments: I was very excited to find this project because it is such an easy way to get my students involved in community service and Earth Day. We spent two days of science class decorating our bags and the majority of my 6th and 7th graders had a great time doing it. I was very impressed with some of their very creative ideas. This is a wonderful idea and I encourage other teachers to give it a try.
Carol Krueger
Rosemary Clark Middle School
Pahrump, Nevada