1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Oklahoma

Sorry for the delay in getting you this info. My 8th grade earth science students decorated 330 earth day bags which were distributed at the Double A grocery store here in Stratford. I have photo's. No scanner but could mail you copies if I had an address.
Teresia Harrison
Science Instructor
Stratford Public Schools
P.O. Box 589
Stratford, OK 74872
Nelda Ward
Grove School
Shawnee, Ok USA
Bags decorated: 250
Comments: This was our first year to participate in the project, and we found it to be educational and fun. Our neighborhood Homeland store supplied and distributed our bags, and the manager offered an extra incentive--- gift certificates for the three bags judged to be most creative. We decorated bags in all grades (K-8) and are planning to do the project again next year.
Annette Jacks
Jackson Elementary School
Norman, Oklahoma 73069
Bags decorated: 376
Comments: We loved participating in this project! We have an outdoor classroom and had an entire day devoted to Earth Day activities! Every student planted seeds and plants, listened to a guest speaker, and got to rotate through activities within their grade level (one of which was decorating a grocery sack)! Our paper sacks were donated by Buy For Less, a grocery store on Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma
Cathy Gregory
Howe Elementary
Howe, Ok. 74937 U.S.A.
Bags decorated: 250
Comments: We didn't do very many bags, we are a small rural school in Southeast Okla. The kids had a great time decorating the bags. We used our own ideas and some of yours. We decorated both sides. They had very good ideas, very cleaver. After school I visited the two stores we had gotten the bags from, the publics reaction to the idea was very favorable. Most of the customers didn't know that it was Earth Day and several didn't have a clue what it meant. So we did some community awareness. Count us in for next year, we will start alittle bit earlier.
Our School decorated sacks for Earth Day and had a blast doing it!
Gage Elementary School
Hwy 15 Box 19
Gage, Ok. 73843
used 100 sacks from:
Venture Foods
% Lane and Angela
Shattuck, Ok. 73858
Janet Gough
Frontier School
Red Rock , Oklahoma
Bags decorated: 108
Comments: This was so much fun! As our town has no grocery store, we did it for a store in Stillwater, Ok.
Mary E. Dean
Cherokee School Science Classes
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: This is the first year we have participated. The students enjoyed coming up with slogans, decorating the bags, and seeing that the community was interested in allowing their work to be distributed. We plan on participating again next year! Warehouse Market was the grocery store that allowed us to use their bags and then distribute them on earth day when they sacked groceries.
Mrs. Getter's Third Grade
Hoover Elementary School
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Bags decorated: 60
Comments: Mrs. Getter's Third Grade Class decorated 60 bags
Two hundred students from James L. Dennis Elementary participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our partner grocery store was Albertson's.
Denise Leonard
James L. Dennis Elementary
Putnam City School District
Oklahoma City, Ok
Carla Plunkett
Deer Creek Elementary School
Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
Bags decorated: 309
Comments: This was one of the easiest school-wide projects we have participated in recently. The students enjoyed making art work that would be seen by the community. We contacted a brand new Baker's store, and they were very willing to help us out with this project. What a great idea!!
Bags decorated: 150
Comments: Our school is fourth and fifth grades. We decorated the bags from Harp's Grocery Store in Chelsea, Oklahoma. We enjoyed doing this project and we hope our message reaches many people in Chelsea. The children had some great ideas for decorating the sacks. We CHOOSE TO REUSE in Chelsea, Oklahoma.
Cheryl Ward
Longfellow Intermediate School
Chelsea, Oklahoma USA
Bags decorated: 341
Comments: Wow I love this project. What fun and excitement to involve the community and the schools .
Sue Madole

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Oklahoma

The fith and sixth grade science classes decorated 70 bags. These bags were donated by Pope's Grocery. We were pleased to be a part of this project.
Sandy Williams (yeslab@galstar)
Yale Elementary
Yale, Oklahoma
We had a wonderful time doing the Earth Day Grocery Sacks!!! Thank you!!! Our school is Pre-3 through 8th grade. My third graders made samples and a group of 6 students went around to each class and gave a "talk" on Earth Day and how to participate. One way is through the sacks!! We gave the students suggestions, drawings, slogans, and ideas to get them started. We really felt great talking to all the different children in our school. We have a grand total of 224 beautifully decorated sacks to report. Have a great Earth Day!
Third Grade from St. Eugene, Ok
Gail Herth (gmherth@flash.net)
The Catholic School of St. Eugene
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Grand View School kindergarten children in the classrooms of Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Shepherd and 3rd grade students in Mr. Goss' class decorated 75 grocery bags while they learned about recycling, conservation and environmental awareness. Eighth grade girls helped the kindergarten children. Reasor's Grocery Store gave us the bags and they will sack groceries in them on Earth Day, April 22, to pass along the message to their shoppers. We would like to thank Mr. Ahlness for a wonderful project which we learned about by using the Internet. This is the first time we are joining with schools all over the world to do a classroom project with an Internet component.
Comments about Earth Day from Mr. Goss' 3rd Graders:
Kyle: "Pollution is bad for people, animals, and everything on the Earth."
Alex: "I told my Mom about our Earth Day Project. I told her the Earth is very big with many countries, and we have to take care of it."
Jordan A: "Keep our planet clean so the animals can breathe."
Matt: "We can make a difference. We should take care of our Earth now, so it will be good for the future when we are old." Jeremy: "I think that cleaning up the Earth would help our environment."
Jordan H.: "People should stop polluting the Earth so we can live longer."
Brandon: "We need to recycle."
Mr. Goss: "Hug a tree. Save a life."
Ms. Christi Boulware/Ms. Judi Grasso (cboulware@grandview.k12.ok.us)
Grand View Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

This is our first year participating in the project. Briggs School students in the following teachers' classrooms decorated grocery bags for Earth Day 1998: Ms. Boen, Mrs. Bynum, Mrs. Doss, Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Hamby, Mrs. Maker, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Ritzhaupt, Mr. Ritzhaupt, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Ryals, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Seagle, Mrs. Sellers, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Stepp, and Mrs. Whitney. The fifth grade students in Mrs. Doss' class gave a brief history of Earth Day and demonstrated designs to each of the other classrooms. The students decorated 390 bags with educational slogans. The grocery bags were distributed to the public at Reasor's Grocery Store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on Earth Day. Look for our photos on this website.
Jessie Craig (craig@briggs.k12.ok.us)
Briggs Elementary
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

All students at Jackson Elementary participated in this project. We have grades k-1 through 3rd. They all enjoyed this experience. Homeland Grocery Store was our participating store. They received 297 decorated bags from our students. The third grade classes are also collecting money for the purchase of a tree to be planted on our school grounds on Earth Day.
Kay Rozzell (rozzell@telepath.com)
Jackson Elementary
Pauls Valley, Ok
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