Quebec Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Valerie Plain
Kitigan Zibi School
Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada
Bags decorated: 215
Comments: Our Librarian Jenny Tenasco saw your article posted in Science and Childre April 1999 issue. She passed it to the school staff from JK, K to Highschool. I was the Earth Day coordinator so I included this as a elementary wide project. Each grade participated even our community day care made some 40ish bags. It was successful. We took the bags to our community variety store where the bags were distributed. Our community is an Aboriginal First Nation community in a remote area. Our population is near 2000. Therefore, by taking the bags to the local store, our community members would received bags made by their children, grandchildren or neighbour's children. The children showed great pride to know their bags were going home with customers. It was a hit. However, a small glich was finding a store with brown paper bags that were not printed with a store logo. I know this might defeat the purpose but we bought the bags for our students to decorate. The cost was not great and the enjoyment was tremendous!
Trudy Williams
Royal Charles School
St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
Bags decorated: 365
Comments: Once again the staff and students at Royal Charles School in St. Hubert, Quebec have had a wonderful time participating in "The Earth Day Groceries Project".Our French Immersion School on the "South Shore" of Montreal decorated 365 grocery bags with French and English environmental messages. Happy Earth Day!
This has been quite the experience- Thank you for making it possible and for keeping track of it all.
I am doing my internship with the grade six class at Mountainview and found your website while searching for an Earth Day activity.
I ran the idea by my cooperating teacher, Sharon, and voila! News of the idea spread quickly through the staff and several teachers volunteered to get involved. In the end it really became a school project and students at every level, from kindergarten to grade six, decorated 260 bags that were "lent" to us from the neigborhood IGA.
The results were wonderful!!! The staff at the IGA was very supportive and has already invited us back for next year! The IGA manager expressed that IGA's clients were touched by the students' bilingual messages and art work. The public awareness, in our community, concerning Earth Day increased dramatically. Success!!
See you next year!
Tara Hodge Andreozzi
Mountainview Elementary School
Deux-Montagnes (Two-Mountains), Quebec, Canada
260 Bags decorated and distributed!!

Quebec Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

On April 22,1998 St Lawrence Elementary School in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, joyfully participated in decorating 500 bags from a local IGA supermarket. French and English messages were written on each bag and an explanatory note was stapled to each bag. It was our first year participating in the project and we are very thankful to all the staff, students, and Mrs. Anna Pamel for all their work.
Katia Giannikakis (
St. Lawrence School
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
Soulanges School is a one-room schoolhouse in St. Telesphore, Quebec, Canada. (Latitude 45.3N Longtitude 74.5W) We have 25 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. This is our first time doing this wonderful community project. We heard about it from the Quebec English School Network (QESN).
We decorated 52 bags and had a marvelous time getting them ready to take to our corner convenience store just up the road from the school. It is called Chez Robert. Each bag was decorated with illustrations and a bilingual message(French and English) about Earth Day. We look forward to the grand total of schools and bags. The supporting documentation for this project was superb.
Thank you.
Lorraine and the One roomers.
Lorraine Krause (
Soulanges School
St. Telesphore, Quebec, Canada
300 bags were decorated and given back to the Provigo store close to our school. I am amxious to find out tomorrow how many parents went to get groceries in their children's Earth Day bags.
sharon meehan (
Greenfield Park Primary International School
Greenfield Park, Quebec
Our school Ecole G. Theberge, in Temiscaming, Quebec has participated in the Grocery Bag Project for the first time this year. We had the whole school participate. Grades k-6, English and French sectors of our elementary school.Each bag was decorated in both English and French. Our grand total of decorated bags 420!! Our local grocery stores donated 210 bags each! Each class had a great time decorating the bags. My Grade 3 class had a great time checking all the bags before we delivered them to the stores. The local newspaper covered the story. We will be participating again next year!!
Joanne Jack (
Ecole G. Theberge
Victoria Park ( special education school ) in St Lambert , Quebec, Canada,is celebrating Earth Day 1998 in a big way. Our special needs students are having fun decorating 200 grocery bags with environmental messages. The bags will be distriobuted by our local IGA and Provigo stores on Earth Day.We will display posters at these storesto inform patrons about Earth Day and the dangers of pesticides. We are also having a bottle drive to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. We are showing our community that our students can make a difference !
Valerie Forde (
Victoria Park
St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada
from Royal Charles School, St-Hubert, Quebec, Candada. Greetings from Royal Charles School, The Earth Day grocery bag project is being implemented in our French immersion school for the second year. We are an elementary school on the south shore of Montreal. We are presently having a great time decorating 800 bags with French and English environmental messages. They are to be returned to a local I.G.A. for distribution April 22, 1998.
We challenge other schools in the South Shore School Board to join us in showing our community how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Please send us reports from other participating schools.
Many thanks
Trudy Williams (
Royal Charles School
Saint Hubert, Quebec

Quebec Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

The Earth Day grocery bag project is being implemented at Royal Charles School in St. Hubert, Quebec, CANADA. We are having a great time at it. 385 children are participating. 800 bags have been decorated with environmental messages. They are to be distributed by a local I.G.A. We challenge other schools in the South Shore School Board to join us for the 1998 grocery bag project. We would like to receive the reports from other participating schools and any other information you may have concerning this project or any others in the future.
Trudy Williams
Royal Charles School
St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Quebec Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

CHELSEA SCHOOL IS PROUD TO SAY THEY DECORATED 335 BAGS. We are in Chelsea, Quebec and we would be pleased to receive the overall results and the names of the schools that participated.

My Grade 2/3 class tallied the bags yesterday and we walked them down to the store so they can be used. The kids loved this project and they were thrilled to be able to take part. We will look forward to being involved again next year.

They will write reports on Monday and I will forward them to you when they are finished.

Thanks for allowing us to participate. Thanks for all your hard work.

Debra Killen
Chelsea School
P.O. Box 450
Chelsea, Quebec  J0X 1N0
Phone: (819) 827-0245
Fax:   (819) 827-0622
(This school already sent in their "bag count" - Mark)
As a finale to the project, my Grade 2/3 class learned about newspaper reporting and the questions (who, what, where, when, why, how) that good reporters should answer. They then composed their own reports as follows:

Earth Day is to remind people to respect the Earth and clean it up! Chelsea School delivered Earth Day bags to the local Freshmart on April 20th, two days before Earth Day. Here are some schools that participated: Chelsea, Philemon Wright and Arbor Heights. We made the bags to send the message to everyone across Canada. Here are some of the messages: Save the Earth, Don't Pollute, Remember the 3R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, Don't be a Litterbug, Respect the Earth.

We decorated the bags for Freshmart. Earth Day was April 22nd and we delivered the bags on April 20th. We wanted to tell everyone not to pollute. We did it by Internet. Bradley and Patrick

Earth Day is April 22nd. Chelsea School delivered 335 bags to the Freshmart. Earth Day is to remind people to stop polluting. We took the bags so when customers get them they would get the messages. Susie

Earth Day is to remind people to clean up the Earth and not to pollute. It is on the 22nd of April but we brought the bags to Freshmart on the 20th. We did this because we want to take care of the Earth. Christie

Earth Day is to remind people to save the earth and respect the earth. Earth Day is April 22nd and we went and delivered some decorated bags to the Freshmart. There were 13,000 bags decorated last year for Earth Day. Stephany

Earth Day is on April 22nd. Ms. Killen's Grade 2/3 class at Chelsea School spread the message by decorating grocery bags with Earth Day messages. Ivan and Ben

On April 22 Ms. Killen's Grade 2/3 class from Chelsea School walked to Freshmart with the school's decorated bags. The bags had Earth Day designs. Earth Day is a celebration to remind you to respect the Earth and Earth Day is when you respect the earth more than usual. Jennifer

Earth Day is to remind people not to pollute and to recycle and to respect the earth. It is on April 22nd. This year we decorated bags all over the place. Our school decorated 335 bags. Our class walked to the Freshmart and back to deliver the bags. The bags are used to deliver the Earth Day message. The Freshmart will put groceries in the bags we decorated for Earth Day. Christine

As you can see the children really enjoyed this whole activity. All the teachers enjoyed the project as well and we had 100% participation among all our classes. Our local newspaper got in on the act and the children were thrilled to see their picture on the front page with a lengthy article inside the paper. We are enjoying seeing the total numbers increase daily as we receive new reports.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Debra Killen
Chelsea School
P.O. Box 450
Chelsea, Quebec  J0X 1N0
Phone: (819) 827-0245
Fax:   (819) 827-0622

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