1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - South Dakota

Gaile Sachtjen
Burke Public 26-2
Burke, SD 57523
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: We started this project just this year and we had a blast! We did this K-5 in our building. The students loved seeing their bags in the 2 stores in town, especially when someone's mom or dad got their bag to take home that day!!
Bags decorated: 400
Comments: Our Elementary students along with the 7th, 8th and 9th graders all decorated a grocery bag for the Earth Day Grocery bag project. Totalled aprroximately 400 grocery bags. They were returned to our local grocery store and will be distributed the week of Earth Day ( April 19 - 23).
The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and I think the community will enjoy receiving a bag with such special art work. A news release will be in our local paper on Wednesday, April 21 - including photo's of students coloring their bags. I will send a photo when mine return from the developers. Super project!! Thanks for sharing the idea.
Susan Oligmueller
Miller School
Miller, SD 57373 USA
Bags decorated: 300

One of our local grocery stores was very excited to be part of this Earth Day project. All it took was one phone call and we were on our way. We had each of our students in the 6th grade decorate at least one bag as a T.A.P.(Teacher Advisory Program) activity the week before Earth Day. We have been using a map to pinpoint as many of the locations as possible. Great geography lesson, too!
Pat Shawd
Mitchell Middle School
Mitchell, South Dakota 57301

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - South Dakota

This is the second year Webster Elementary has participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. We have 318 students in K - 6th and we decorated 309 bags. We owe our success to the two grocery stores in Webster, Al's Lake Area Foods and Mike's Jack and Jill. They so graciously donated the bags and distributed them on Earth Day. The students have fun with the project and we plan to participate again next year.
Linda Meyer (lmeyer@webster.tie.net)
Webster Elementary School
Webster, SD

1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - South Dakota

We at Webster Elementary decorated 339 grocery bags. The two grocery stores from Webster, Mike's Jack and Jill and Al's Friendly Foods, donated the bags and are distributing them. We had a lot of fun decorating them and are planning to do it again next year.
Linda Meyer lmeyer@webster.tie.net
Webster Elementary School
102 E 9th Ave
Webster, SD
There are four sections of third grade at Lincoln Elementary School in Madison, South Dakota. We have decorated 100 bags and delivered them to our local grocery stores to be given out tomorrow which is Earth Day.
Our classes are also collecting pop cans to be recycled. The money we raise will be given to our local Smith-Zimmerman museum to help keep it open.
On Earth Day our class is going to pick up the garbage on the playground at our school. Our class is having a lot of fun cleaning up the playground.
A local nursury in town will be donating a Colorado Blue Spruce tree for each student at our school. We get those trees tomorrow.
We read Chris Van Allsburg's book, Just a Dream. Next we brainstormed things we could do to make a difference in our world. Then we went to the computer lab and wrote our own class book called "I Can Make a Difference in the World".
Amy reporting for
the third grade classes
Lincoln School
Madison, SD
Sonya Thayer thayers@triton.dsu.edu
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