1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Spain

JO3 Michael Gloekler, USN
David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School
U.S. Naval Station Rota, Spain
Bags decorated: 516
Comments: Thank you for a great project idea. I stumbled across this internet site while researching Earth Day as part of my duties as a Navy Journalist. The school's spring break really bumped right up to Earth Day and the teachers were looking for something to do with the kids that could be done quickly. So, call it a matter of coincidence, but when I contacted the school about the project they embraced it ecstatically. I then contacted the manager of the Defense Commissary Agency here who thought it was a great idea and donated all the bags we needed.

We decided to add something different to the project. I went one step further, since the commissary is our only grocery store on base here. I set up a special recycling bin for the decorated bags and, since we know how many bags went out, the kids challenged the parents to recycle them in this special bin on their next trip to the store for a "grade." We will be able to count the returned bags and score the adults on their recycling.

Thanks again for a great project idea!

JO3 Michael Gloekler, USN

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