Tennessee Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1999

Karns Intermedate School, Knoxville Tennessee
The third, fourth, and fifth grade stuents decorated almost 1000 grocery bags for food lion to distribute on Earth Day. This was our first year with the Earth Day groceries project. We look forward to participating next year.
Terry Jones
Karns Intermediate School

L. Heaston, T.Lukas, C.Williams, T. Reagan
Oak Elementary
Bags decorated: 84
Comments: This is the first time we had done this terrific project. All students decorated eighty-four bags. These bags were taken to Piggly Wiggly in Bartlett, Tenn.
Tracy L. Bembenek
Crosswind Elementary School
Collierville, TN 38017
Bags decorated: 1,022
Comments: This is the first time our school has done this as a school- wide program. It was great! The students loved it. Two of our local grocery stores were more than happy to provide the bags for us. A photo and story will be in our local paper "The Collierville Herald" this week.
We look forward to doing this again next year!
Shelly McCrary
Germantown Elementary
Germantown TN
Bags decorated: 22
Judy Graham
St. Ann School
Nashville, Tn. USA
Bags decorated: 200
Comments: We collaborated with the Charlotte Avenue Kroger grocery store. The children really enjoyed this project!
Colleen Mattison
Eagleton Elementary
Maryville, TN USA
Bags decorated: 350
Comments: Bi Lo Grocery Store loaned us the bags and we had a wonderful time decorating. Many of the children were going to have there parents shop at Bi Lo so they could get one of the bags!
My sixth grade science students have delivered 80 decorated grocery bags to Albertson's Grocery store in Franklin, TN.
Amy Holman
Freedom Intermediate School
Franklin Special School District
840 Glass Lane
Franklin, TN 37064
Our fourth grade class at Rock Creek School in Erwin,TN participated in the grocery bag project. A student named Jaclyn has a brother who works at a local grocery store so she had him get bags for us and she returned them to the store. We decorated twenty bags. On Earth Day we also planted flowers in front of our school. Other classes in our school picked up trash and made signs about Earth Day.
Mrs. Bowman's Fourth Grade Class
Rymond Lttle
Erma Siegel Elementary
Mrfreesboro, Tennessee
Bags decorated: 223
Comments: thanks for this great opportunity. we have representatives from all grade levels participate. we look forward to involving our entire school next year. Bi-Lo generously provided us with the bags. thanks again for this great effort=:))
We are John P. Freeman Optional School, 5250 Tulane Road, Memphis, TN, 38125, grades 1-8. We participated in the grocery bag project in conjunction with our Earth Day Activities (releasing butterflies, and the installation of our butterfly garden). Mr. James Giles, Manager of Mega Market, Whitehaven Branch, Memphis, TN, furnished 600 paper bags to our school. On Earth Day, 4/22, we returned these bags to Mega Market and they used them to sack customer's groceries on that designated day. We advised our parents to ask for the bags when they shop Mega Market. The students and faculty really enjoyed decorating the bags. We look forward to doing this again next year.
Frankye Robb
cc: Mr. Giles, Mega Market
Sherry Roepke
Robert E. Lee Elementary
Tullahoma, TN.
Bags decorated: 419
Comments: Our school had great fun and exhibited much creativity in decorating our bags. Thanks for the wonderful idea!
Jill Norvell
E.A.Harrold Elementary
Millington, TN USA
Bags decorated: 332
Comments: Our school collaberated with our local Kroger grocery store to collect, design, and decorate Earth Day messages on paper sacks. Our local newspaper, The Millington Star, became involved and wrote a story about us, complete with pictures!
The sacks have been returned and will be passed out to shoppers on Earth Day! We hope customers will learn more about helping the environment by becoming aware of Earth Day through the messages our students wrote!
Jane Moats
Farragut Primary School (K-2)
Knoxville, Tennessee
Bags decorated: 300
Comments: We decorated bags from five areas grocery stores. We really had fun.
Sherry Baker
East Montgomery Elementary
Bags decorated: 25
Comments: Our school recycles paper, boxes, plastics and newspapers throughout the school year. After reading in Weekly Reader about the grocery bag project we decided to participate. Our local Food Lion supplied the bags for us to decorate and they will use them on April 22nd.
Kathy O. Duggan
West Hills Elementary School
Knoxville, Tennessee (Knox County)
Bags decorated: 1000
Comments: This has been a good, easy way to make our students feel that it's not so hard to do something nice for the earth. The program has generated lots of excitement and has given us a real sense of community.
Bags decorated: 967
Comments: Happy Earth Day Earthlings! We have had a great time again this year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Every student has drawn beautiful pictures on the grocery bags with wonderful Earth Day messages. We doubled the amount of bags that we decorated this year too. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day this way! We love our EARTH!
Bartlett Elementary Environmental Club
Becky Cross
Bartlett Elementary School
Bartlett, TN United States
Bags decorated: 1,000
Comments: This is our second year as a school. We have K-5th grade. This is the first year to participate. Our Environmental Club is sponsoring this activity. We have enjoyed being a part of this activity.
Beverly Todd
Macon-Hall Elementary
Cordova,TN 38018 USA
I am the principal at Harding Acadaemy White Station. We are one of 7 elementary satelite schools for Harding Academy in Memphis, TN. Our location has children school ages 4-9 (Jr. K - 3rd). We are participating in this project. One of our parents owns a Piggly Wiggly here in Memphis. He has provided us with 400 bags for our 200 students. We would like to be included in your report. I originally saw this project this past winter on another site that lead me to you. Our address is:
Harding White Station
1106 Colonial
Memphis, TN 38117
Our Distributor is William's Piggly Wiggly
3237 Winchester Rd.
Memphis, TN 38117
Thank you.
Liz Daniel

Tennessee Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

My Third graders and after school computer class at Bonny Kate Elementary in Knoxville, Tennessee decorated 50 grocery bags for Food City this year. We also video conferenced with several classrooms about recycling. Thanks for a great project!
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
400 bags
-- Buena Vista/Padiera Magnet School
-- Nashville, TN
Hi! My name is Ann Watson. I am a third grade teacher at Sweetwater Elementary School in Sweetwater, Tennessee. I found your project and with the cooperation of Newman's Food Center, here in Sweetwater, and Mandy Nelson, our school's art teacher, our art classes decorated 675 bags to be distributed. Every child in our k-3 school did this. Our art classes really had a good time doing this and I hope we can participate next year.
Ann B. Watson watsona2@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
Good afternnoon!
I am writing to tell you about our school's participation in the 1998 Grocery Bag Earth Day Project. I headed up this program. We involved 6 second grade classes in decorating 250 Seesel's grocery bag. As you can see by the pictures attached, we had a great time! I am a student teacher at Chimneyrock Elementary in Cordova, TN. Cordova is a suburb of Memphis, TN. Our school sits on 25 acres of woodland. We love learning about our environment through our outdoor classroom, nature walks, and projects like the Grocery bag project. We really believe that kids can make a difference.
Thanks for the great ideas!!
Jennifer Stinnett mccluret@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us

Clinton Elementary School in East Tennessee decorated 550 grocery bags for the Earth Day '98 project. Students from Kindergarten through sixth grade participated and had a great time! We highlighted the project in our school newspaper and also mentioned it as part of a school-wide Earth Day assembly which included a cheer made up by third graders and a song and rap about Mother Earth which was led by sixth graders.
Gail Yook yookgh@icx.net
Clinton Elementary School
210 North Hicks Street
Clinton, TN 37716
Third, fourth, and some fifth graders from Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson City, TN, participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our local Food Lion store donated bags which were decorated by three hundred fifty students. On Earth Day, each customer received one of the decorated bags. This was a great project that involved our community and the school. The local paper added to this special day by putting a picture in the paper with the Food Lion assistant manager and some of the students displaying their bags. Thanks for a great idea!
Nancy Dalton (4th grade)
Cummings Elementary School, 1037 Cummings Street, Memphis, TN 38106, is participating this year in the Earth Day Groceries Project.
Eighty-nine students from grades early childhood through grade six decorated grocery bags with an environmental theme. These bags will be used tomorrow (Earth Day) by Piggly Wiggly Grocery as they sack groceries.
Mrs. Nikita Reed, fifth grade teacher, is project sponsor and Robert L. Terrell is our principal.
Dr. Beth Farris farrisme@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
Crestview Middle School students in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades have decorated 500 grocery bags to celebrate Earth Day. These bags were donated by Naifeh's Food Rite in Covington and have been placed there for use by grocery patrons on Wednesday, April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.
Mary Kemp (kempm@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us)
Crestview Middle School
Covington, TN
We have decorated 526 grocery bags for Kroger here in Bartlett, Tennessee. We have had a great time participating in this project. The students have learned a lot about taking care of our Earth too. Thank you for telling us about it and allowing us to be a part.
Becky Cross crossr7@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
Bartlett Elementary
3932 Billy Maher Rd. Bartlett,TN

Tennessee Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Please add us to the list of schools that participated in the grocery bag project for Earth Day '97. We had a great time decorating 600 bags and presenting them to local grocery stores after we used them to decorate our school hallways the week before Earth Day. We plan to do it again in l998. The students became much more aware of environmental issues with this project!
Gail Yook yookgh@icx.net
Clinton Elementary School
210 North Hicks Street
Clinton, Tennessee 37716
The Campus Green student group at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, borrowed about 150-200 bags from a Piggly Wiggly in midtown Memphis. The bags were decorated by kids in the afterschool program at Evergreen Presbyterian church and by kids at the block party of Vollentine-Evergreen community association. We then returned the bags to Piggly Wiggly the day before Earth Day so they could distribute them to shoppers. This project was a success and the group hopes to repeat it next year but on a larger scale. Keep up the good work! Alyssa Browning, fulha@rhodes.edu Rhodes College '97
p.s. Please do not send the emailed info below until August because the college will erase all email messages during the summer and our group leaders will not get to see your messages.
Rhodes College
(I was a college student in Memphis, TN)
http://www.rhodes.edu (Campus Green page is out of date)
Mount Olive Elementary School in Knoxville, TN participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project for the second year. We were able to decorate aprroximately 400 grocery bags for Food City and Kroger stores that are located in our neighborhood. Food City has decorated the store using the bags.
The project increases the exposure to students about the necessity of Caring for the Earth by reusing, refusing, recycling.
Thanks for sponsoring the project.
Sally Bodenheimer sallyb@usit.net

Mount Olive Elementary School
Phone: 423-579-2170
2507 Maryville Pike
Fax: 423-579-2175
Knoxville, TN 37920

"Whatever problems direct access to unlimited information may cause, the benefits it will bring will more than compensate." Bill Gates..THE ROAD AHEAD.

"To live without risk is never to have lived at all."
"The great pleasure of a TeddyBear is that he will not judge your foolishness, but join in on it."
Ted Menton..THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HUG, His First Book.

668 students in grades k through 6 decorated "Earth bags" at Gladeville Elementary School in Gladeville, Tennessee. They enjoyed it!
Sherry Mercer mercers@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
Our school (Dyersburg Primary School) colored 585 grocery bags to be used by a local grocery on Earth Day. These were done by K - 3 children. Mrs. Dottie Leach headed the operation for the school.
We are a rural town in NW, TN. Our address is:
Dyersburg Primary School
1425 Frank Maynard Blvd.
Dyersburg, TN 38024
PH 901-286-3615, Fax 901-286-3617
We would like to hear from the other schools. Thanks for the opportunity.
Later, Errol hooke@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
We called two grocery stores. Whites 80 bags. Kindergarten and Fifth grade decorated and returned the bags for distribution on Earth Day, in Erwin, Tennessee. All of the bags looked like artists. Next year, the whole school!!
Carol Rice cmatric@hotmail.com
Unicoi Elementary School
East Tennessee
We have decorated 500 bags and are taking them to the Kroger in our community on Monday, April 21. We have also done Earthday art posters and Kroger is hanging them in their store for the week.
On Earthday every child in the school (600 +) is going to plant a daylilly on a bank we have that is erroding quickly. We think Earthday is great! We also stress environmentaly issues throughout the year, by recycling and by composting food waste from the cafeteria.
Gayle Swann gswann@opup.org
Halls Elementary
Knoxville, Tennessee
Avoca Elementary School in Bristol, Tennessee decorated 500 grocery bags to be distributed by a local Kroger store on Earth Day :)
great idea - several other Bristol schools are participating.

Ed Bush edbush@preferred.com

Tennessee Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Somehow, our report did not get to you with last year's result. If it is possible, we would still like to be included in the number from last year.
Mount Olive Elementary School in Knoxville, Tennessee participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project 1996. Participating were 15 regular classrooms K-5. We decorated 623 bags for two participating grocery stores, Food City-Alcoa Hwy. and Food City-Chapman Hwy. Our students had a wonderful time decorating the bags. We even had problems getting one of the stores to bag groceries in the decorated bags. Instead, they decorated the entire store with the bags, left them up for a week, then used them as grocery bags.
Our school plans to participate in Earth Day Groceries Project 1997. Thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

Sally Bodenheimer
Kindergarten Teacher
Mount Olive Elementary School
2507 Maryville Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
e-mail: sallyb@usit.net

This is to let you know that Jonesborough Elementary School in Jonesborough, Tennessee (the state's oldest town) decorated 765 grocery bags for Earth Day. We thought it was a neat idea and were glad to be a part of the project. We would like some feedback also on how many students did this across our nation. Thanks.

Bonnie Simmerman, Librarian,
Jonesborough Elementary School.

Oakshshire Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee participated in the 1996 Earth Day Groceries Project along with a local Kroger store. We decorated 500 bags with environmental messages. All grades K-6th participated. Four student representatives along with two faculty members delivered the bags to the store on the Friday before Earth Day. The store manager was overwhelmed by the students' artwork. We encouraged all of our students' families to patronize the store during Earth Day week as a special thank you to Kroger for assisting us in spreading our environmental messages. Thank you for sharing the idea for this wonderful environmental project with us. Just remember our environmental slogan,"Think globally and act locally. Make every day Earth Day."

We would like to hear from other schools participating in this project.

I am Shelby Riggs, Kindergarten Teacher at Rock Springs Elementary in Sullivan County Tennessee. Our school has K-5 and 4 to 5 classrooms in each grade level. We completed 478 bags for the Earth Day Grocery Project. They turned out really good. The students loved doing it. Food Lion in Colonial Heights-Kingsport, Tennessee gave them out on Earth Day. We have gotten a real good community response. Thanks for letting us know about the project. Have a great week! We would love to hear results that are turned in to you ....

Thanks again! Shelby

My name is Jennifer Potter. I am a speech therapist in Covington, Tn. I am writing you in behalf of THREE schools (all of which are in separate systems)! My husband (Kirk) and I learned about your project at a technology conference for Tennessee educators in April. What a GREAT idea! We were both really excited to bring the information back to "our kids". I also shared the information with my mother Donna Sampson (elementary principal at University School of Jackson - in Jackson, Tn.) All of the schools had a ball! Kirk's school even made the local newspaper!
        Here are our results:
                University School of Jackson-Jackson, Tn.
                        186 students / 500 bags
                Covington Elementary School-Covington, Tn.
                        176 students / 176 bags
                Crestview Middle School-Covington, Tn.
                        900 students / 1500 bags

Thanks for the wonderful project! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer and Kirk Potter

We enjoyed decorating our bags!! Our entire school population particapated in decorating 269 bags donated by Kroger.

Harriman, Tn
Midtown Elementary

I'm sending this message for Dr. Jayne Baker and our students here at Pittard Campus School. Campus School decorated 114 Earth Day Bags and distributed them to local grocery stores.

Pittard Campus School
Box 4, M.T.S.U.
Murfreesboro, Tn 37132-0004

This is our first year doing the Earth Day Groceries, and we had 26 classrooms participating with 373 bags decorated. A local Food Lion Grocery Store worked with us to distribute the bags.
We would love to get email reports concerning totals to report in our school newsletter. Happy Earth Day!

Lou Ann DeFord
Kindergarten Teacher
Halls Elementary School
Knoxville, Tennessee

Thanks for sharing the Earth Day project! I am a fifth grade teacher at Riverside Elementary in Columbia, TN. We called our local FOODMAX and requested 500 grocery bags. They gladly donated them and the students had a blast decorating them! We are a K-5 school and all grades but kindergarten participated. Thanks again for the idea and hope to see you next year!

Carol Andrews,
Riverside Elementary,
Columbia, TN
PS Could you let us know what kind of response you had? Thanks!

Cedar Grove Elementary, in Sullivan County, city of Kingsport, Tennessee participated in the earth day grocery bag project for the first time this year. The school has an active recycling program consisting of daily collection of paper from classrooms, drop off points for paper, aluminum, tin, cardboard, and 6 pack pull rings. This year 200 students prepared 316 paper bags which were sent to Whites' Fresh Foods for use on Earth Day. We would like to view other E mail reports regarding this project.

The coordinators were Cathy Gravitte and Lisa Hilton.
The principal is John Weaver.

Northeast Elementary School in Clarksville, Tennessee did a grocery bag project in February 1996 to honor Valentines Day. We wrote and drew about friendship and love. Every student at our school made a bag. We used bags from three are grocery stores. We displayed by grade level in the library and then returned them to the stores. We sent out 850 grocery bags.
About a fourth of our class saw them later in the stores as they were shopping. We recycle paper at our school all year round. But we do think that doing this project for Earth Day is nice.
We wanted you to know how we did our project. Please share with others. Let us know how many responses you get.

Mrs. Shoulders' Second Grade -

Tennessee Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Linden School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, decorated 616 grocery bags that will be distributed at 2 local stores. Linden School's 630 students (Kindergarten - 5th grade) created their own unique designs, slogans, and shared their thoughts on saving planet Earth. Many thanks to Arbor Heights for spearheading this wonderful project.
Betty Lou Alspaugh
Linden PTA volunteer
Students at Ducktown Elementary in Ducktown, Tennessee decorated 400 bags for this super project! Our school services children in grades K-7. All students and teachers participated in this project--it was very exciting! We delivered bags to the Piggly Wiggly Friday afternoon--the store employees were very eager to hand these out. They wanted to look through the students creations right away! What a wonderful project--thanks for allowing us to participate and spread the word on Earth Day!

Yvette Welch
5th,6th,7th grade science teacher
Ducktown elementary
P.O. Box 40 Hwy 68
Ducktown, TN.  37326

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