1999 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Wyoming

Ann Bennett
Pinedale Elementary School
Pinedale, Wyoming
Bags decorated: 296
Comments: Last year, in 1998, Pinedale Elementary third graders decorated 50 bags. This year, we involved the entire school body, and spent an enjoyable 3 days decorating 296 bags (K-5) after rigorous state standards tests. What a way to celebrate!
Bags decorated: 139
Comments: Three fourth grade classes and one third grade class participated in this program. We were given bags from IGA grocery store. 139 bags were decorated and returned to the store to be used. We think this is a neat program. Our students enjoyed this.
Carol Fruechte
Clark Elementary
Evanston, WY USA

1998 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Wyoming

Great idea! We are a small rural town of 1200 people and one grocery store. Our three classes have decorated and will deliver 50 paper sacks for use on Earth Day.
Thank you for sharing your idea!
Bennett, Mrak and Alameda (abennett@view.sub1.k12.wy.us)
Pinedale, Wyoming

1996 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Wyoming

Conestoga Elementary School participated in your Earth Day project. The following classes colored sacks: K, 3, 4, 5, and 6. We did 325 sacks which were distributed back to 3 grocery stores in our community. We would like a responce on participation by EMail, please.

DeeBee Worthington
Fifth Grade Teacher

Our school participated in the grocery project. We decorated 51 bags. We are a small rural school with 41 students in grades k-8. It was a fun project for all.

Granger, Wyoming
Granger Elementary
Bev LeProwse

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