1997 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Yukon Territory

We have a special class of environmental sciences from grade 1 to 7. We learned quite late about the project (April 8) and we are a pretty small school (120 students from K-12), but we managed to decorate 342 bags during the last week! In all, about 35 students participated in the project (so almost 10 bags/student). We are pretty proud of our accomplishment and we'll make sure that we start earlier next year (this project will be on next year, won't it?) and we plan to challenge the other schools in Whitehorse to do more bags than us. We also plan to involve the four big grocery stores in town (only one was contacted this year).
Jean-Francois Latour jflatour@yesnet.yk.ca
Ecole Emilie-Tremblay
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

1995 Earth Day Groceries Reports - Yukon Territory

My apologies, I think I wrote the wrong total for our Grocery Bag Project. We have decorated 350 bags at C.K.E.S., not 250 as I think I said in the previous letter.
I hope you are having a good day and lots of fun with the project. I wonder how your weather is at the moment. We are having nice sunny days this week, with around 0 celcius in the morning and warming up to about 10 celcius around noon. At this time of year we have lots of daylight these days, around 15-16 of daylight at the moment. In June we have almost 23 hours of daylight and only one hour of dusk. As you can imagne we do not sleep as much at that time of year.
Thank you for the neat idea for Earth Day. Our students at 1994 Yukon Territory C.K.E.S. in Whitehorse were quite excited abut this project as it fitted right in with our school-wide theme "Earth Our Home". We have approx. 190 students in the school, Kindergarten to Grade 6 and we have decorated 250 for distribution at one of our local stores tomorrow.
We have been involved with the "Green School" Program developed by the SEEDS Foundation in Alberta for 2 years now and are always interested in new ideas for raising environmental consciousness.
Perhaps you could let us know if we are the most northerly school to participate in this activity.
Keep up the good work - we're all in this together!
Eleanor O'Donovan (for the teachers)
Christ the King Elementary School,
Box 2703,
Whitehorse, Y.T.
Y1A 2c6
From: Eleanor O'Donovan

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