Monday, May 26, 2008

Pictures - it's over

Wow! An amazing 197 schools sent in pictures of their efforts on the Earth Day Groceries Project in 2008. And 35 0f them were from Romania - go figure... If anybody knows what happened in Romania to cause this big spike, please let me know.

Anyway, all pictures sent in have been placed on new web pages. We'll probably top 200 school submissions by the end of May, a record by a long shot.

Unfortunately, The Earth Day Groceries Project will not be able to host pictures for schools from now on. We will certainly add links to other web pages and collections with pictures, but...

The issue is time. It takes an average of 10 minutes to convert and archive an email with picture attachments into a web page for a school. For 200 web pages, that's a lot of minutes - and way too many hours to add to my teaching life, even if I got paid for it :) Many thanks to all the teachers and group leaders who have sent in their pictures over the years - they are incredible! They will always remain on the website as testimony to the comittment of millions of schoolchildren to saving our Earth.

I'll close this chapter in the project by sharing the very first picture from another school ever sent in to the web site. From 1996, Royston Elementary in Royston, BC, Canada - thanks, Kelsey!



At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Kathy Wright said...

Hi there,
I did the Earth Day Project at my entire school (550) students back a few years ago. I did not get a photo or any info into the website at that time. Would it be possible to post 1 photo for back then with a few words please? And, also, I want to do it this year (2009) at my school. We have 770 students enrolled. I don't know whether I can do the entire school this time due to not having an aide to assistant, however I would really like to do it again!
Do you still have the nice colored large poster that you sent in the packet back then? If so, would you send it please?
School address is:
Wildwood Elementary School
c/o Kathy Wright
300 Huey St.
Wildwood, Fl. 34785
Thanks so much for your help.
Kathy Wright


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