Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2004

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Durdevac, Croatia

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: We read an article in the Enter magazine about The Earth Day Groceries Project. We decided to start the project by painting paper bags. We collected 200 paper bags from a few grocery stores. Va, Vc, & VIIId informatics and group of biology of Primary School Grgura Karlovcana Durdevac participated in the project. The paper bags were returned to the grocery stores.

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submitted on 5/20/2004

Josipa Skapul
Elementary school Maria Martinolica, Mali Losinj
Mali Losinj, Croatia

We decorated 120 bags!

About our project: Hello again! This year, a new class (1.a) with its teacher, Josipa, and the 5.b class , have joined the project. The children from both classes have painted paper bags. We all worked as a team, together, with the 5th class teachers. The art teacher, Ružica, helped us with the aesthetic look of our bags, the English teacher, Isabel, helped us translate this text, and the teacher who teaches about computers, Eva, helps us send our reports and photos online. The 5b class enjyoed the work and helped the younger children in the 1.a class by telling them about the importance of such a project. We have painted 120 bags from the three shops: Futura Fashion, Star and Artina.The painted bags, with the eco-messages will be returned to the same shops mentioned above. On April 22th, we will return to those shops in order to explain to the customers, especially to those who will get the painted message , how and why we have to protect our nature (environment). We are sending you the photos of the last year's project as well as the photos of this year's workshop. Till next year, the classes: 1.a and 5.b and the teacher Josipa.

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submitted on 3/31/2004