Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Lyle French
Escola Cidade Jardim / PlayPen
Sao Paulo, Brazil

We decorated 2300 bags!

About our project: We are very proud to be the first Brazilian school to officially celebrate Earth Day. We have been incorporating Earth Day projects into our regular science teaching in the classroom and the students have come up with mini presentations and science-fair type experiments to present on the day in our school. In addition to this we are the first Brazilian school to draw designs on grocery bags to be used in the supermarkets on Earth Day. We presented the Grocery Bag project to four supermarkets here in Sao Paulo and two of them decided to join-in, in helping us to get our message out there. Our two partners are Casa Santa Luzia and Empório Santa Maria. As we are a Brazilian Bilingual school we have done our grocery bags in both English and Portuguese, but predominately we had “Earth Day” in English and the environmental message in Portuguese. We have had a great time participating in this project, the children loved coming up with designs in their art classes and more importantly we have really noticed a change around our school when it comes to issues affecting our earth. Our school is becoming ‘greener’, and our students are helping us to make a difference. We hope in 2007 to expand our Brazilian Grocery Bag Project to involve more schools and supermarkets. After all the point is to get the message out there! Please visit our website for full details: Mr. Lyle French Pedagogical Director Escola Cidade Jardim

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submitted on 4/12/2006