Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Diana Ramos
Discovery School
Cuernavaca, ,Mexico

We decorated 2655 bags!

About our project: To start we ask Industrias Morisan to donate us paper bags. In our town there is no one that produces this kind of paper bags so we have to go to Mexico City and asked for them. Fortunatelly Industrias Morisan gave us 3000 bags who we tried to decorate. So it was a har job being 283 students and 65 teachers and staff. So we had to asked for help. We send bags to students home and parents and grand parents helped decorating them. Also we spend to mornings with mothers in school decorating bags. The previous Saturday we put a stand outside the store and invite people who were coming to buy to paint a bag and use it later. This was a great success. Children stayed outside the store with us instead of going shopping. So we decorate 2655 with many people involved and the message was spread by word, by fliers, through an interview in the radio with our students and also in TV. Again this year we went with students from 1st to 9th grade to packed groceries while they explain the proyect to the buyers and the importance of taking care of our planet EARTH!

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submitted on 4/18/2007

Deanna Kelley
Kantigi Language School
Torreon, . Mexico

We decorated 42 bags!

About our project: We discovered that all of the supermarkets in our area only use plastic bags, so we decided to do the project with bookmarks as recommended on the website. We received a donation of thin used cardboard from the newspaper Noticias El Sol de la Laguna, which we cut into bookmark-sized pieces. Then we punched holes for a tie at the top and drew and painted messages in both English and Spanish. We were happy to receive support from Librerias Gonvill, who helped us to give out the bookmarks to people who bought books on Saturday April 22. We hope to make the project grow next year.

submitted on 4/24/2006