Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Alana Craig
Bell Canyon Montessori
Sandy, UT USA

We decorated 44 bags!

About our project: The kids had a great time decorating the bags with a variety of materials. They used pencils, markers, stickers, magazine cut-outs, and wallpaper scraps. I think they were just as excited to tell their parents which store to go to on Earth Day so they could request one of the paper bags. Thus, helping to achieve this website's goal of educating the children, who in turn will educate their family, and the family will support those stores that are working within their community to enhance childhood education and a healthy environment.

submitted on 5/23/2007

Kalleen Campbell
Utah Online Academy
St. George, UT USA

We decorated 10 bags!

About our project: We are a homeschool group that ranges from second grade to sixth grade. Sometimes we have 10 students but there are only 5 on the day we did this project. We meet once a week for a science lab. During the month of February we focused on weather, in March we learned about plants and soil. This created a perfect lead in to Earth Day in the month of April. We have learned about air pollution, how long items last in a landfill, and what we are doing in our personal lives that contribute to global warming. The earth day bags were a great project to add to our science class. Harmon's, the store that gave us the bags has added many vegetarian/vegan products to their inventory in the last year. This also indicates their interest in a "greener" lifestyle. The children loved this project. They really made masterpeices. The bags looked great.

submitted on 4/12/2007