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Educational Value

Our children had a wonderful time doing the project and learned timely lessons on community service and environmental recycling.

-- Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck, NY

It was a school-wide team day project, where kids gathered in multi-age teams to complete the task of decorating two bags each for Earth Day.

-- Wellington Elementary, Woodenville, WA

We’ll be using your site to do follow-up activities such as reading and interpreting charts, reinforcing map skills and math calculations.

-- Dr. Mudd Elementary, Waldorf, MD

The messages were written in both Spanish and English, since we are a Spanish Immersion school.

-- Cesar Chavez Elementary, Davis, CA

Thanks to Kroger...our students have the opportunity to do their part along with our school’s white paper and newspaper recycling program to show that they care about the environment

-- S.L. Lewis Elementary, College Park, GA

Our program went off without a hitch and was received very well by the administration . The City of Woburn’s 2nd grade classes in our 9 elementary schools participated.

-- Woburn, MA


Grocery Store Participation

The Albertson’s store manger was enthusiastic and welcomed us! He then let the children go to the produce area and pick out one piece of fruit to eat on our trip back to school.

-- Woodcrest Preschool, Newbury Park, CA

The manager had the bags hung like banners around the store the weekend before Earth Day. Customers can request them for Earth Day and after. The visual effect of decorated bags suspended on high has gained the attention of even the casual shopper. -- Naval Avenue Elementary School, Bremerton, WA

The children so enjoy doing this and our Eagles store says the customers love them.

-- Raymond Marquith School, East Galesburg, IL

We also decorated a large banner to hang in our Shop-n-Save grocery store that promoted the Earth Day Groceries Project. 

-- Athol-Regional School System, Athol, MA

The manger and staff of Stratford Market were very supportive... They will be passing out the decorated bags to their customers and announcing over the PA system the purpose of our project.

-- St. Luke School, Stratford, NJ


Community Relations

Our local newspaper came and took a picture for the newspaper The Daily Journal. We also displayed our project at the "Showcase of Kankakee Schools" at a nearby mall.

-- Lafayette School, Kankakee, IL

Students will deliver the bags this Friday and our local newspaper, The Hattiesburg American will be there to take pictures.

-- Thames Elementary, Hattiesburg, MS

We had a great time decorating 875 bags for our local HEB. We then took several of the bags out to our local mall and made an exhibit promoting community awareness.

-- Franklin Elementary, Port Arthur, TX

Our efforts were written about in the local newspapers and carried on 3 local TV stations. The third graders were even proclaimed "Home Town Heroes."

-- Kunkel Elementary, Middletown, PA

We are displaying 6 new bags daily in our school display case with the heading "Educating the Community." We are also including pictures showing the students’ work in progress.

-- Thomas Ultican Elementary, Blue Springs, MO

A local environmental magazine picked up the story and published it for Earth Week...Our home page will feature many of the beautiful designs our students created.

-- Lakewood Elementary, Victoria, BC


Creative Project Ideas

(Field trips to the grocery store, neighborhood cleanups, artwork contests, challenges to other schools, bag inserts)

We worked with our local Kroger store. The children took a field trip to the store to deliver the grocery bags in person.

-- Discovery Junction Preschool, Greenwood, IN

Our students will sack groceries in these decorated bags during the week of April 22.

-- Pauline South Intermediate School, Wakarusa, KS

On the trip to deliver the bags back to the grocery store, we cleaned the neighborhood sidewalks and boulevards.

-- Victory School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

We also had a friendly judging competition of the bags.

-- Marticville Middle School, Pequea, PA

We challenge other schools in the South Shore School Board to join us in showing our community how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

-- Royal Charles School, Saint Hubert, Quebec