Questions about tictech
 (new update scheduled for August, 2003)

(updated 11/15/02)

How many subscribers are on tictech?
As of 11/15/02, there are 146.

Are all tictech members employees of the Seattle School District?
No.  A few are interested parents and members of the business community.

Who can join?
Anyone interested in technology in education, especially as it relates to Seattle Schools.

Is tictech an official Seattle School District list?
No. The Seattle School District does not support tictech in any way.  It was run from a Challenge Grant server until December, 2001.  As of January, 2002, the list is hosted by The Learning Space.  This web home is provided by The Earth Day Groceries Project.  Both of these are nonprofit 501c3 organizations.  The moderator volunteers his time.  

How do I join the list, or leave it?
See Joining tictech or Leaving tictech.

How come it takes so long for my message to get sent out to the list after I post it?
Messages to tictech first get sent to the list moderator for approval.  After the moderator approves the message, there is about a half hour delay before the message is distributed to the list. So, assuming the moderator reads and responds to the message immediately, it will take 30 to 40 minutes.

Can I send attachments?


I replied to the whole list when I only wanted to reply to the sender. How come?
tictech is currently set so that replies go to the list.  Before sending a reply, be sure to check the "To" field.  Depending on email program, it might be necessary to copy, cut, and paste the sender's email address in the "To" field. (For those using Outlook Web Access, a reply will go to the sender of the message only).  

Why do tictech messages sometimes have line wraps at the wrong places?
This is generally caused by someone posting a message with no line wrap set, or with line wrap set to more than 74 characters/line.  Subscribers with email accounts should always send messages as plain text.

These questions were just made up for informational purposes.  If you have suggestions for more, email moderator Mark Ahlness at