Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Pat McLaughlin
Almansor Center
So. Pasadena, CAUSA

We decorated 246 bags!

About our project: At first the class was reluctant to draw. As they began with some of my ideas, their creativity and learning began to take over. They came up with many wonderful ways of reminding people about conservation of water and electricity, saving the Rain Forest and endangered species. Everyone participated and had a good time. All decorating was done during their free time. We will definitely be participating again this year.

submitted on 3/8/2001

Bonnie Low
Neal Dow Elementary
Chico, CAUSA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: This was the first year any school in Butte County, CA has participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bags project. Neal Dow Elementary School is proud to be the first!! Students enthusiastically and artfully decorated grocery bags donated by their business partner, Safeway Supermarket of East Avenue. One lesson we learned was to contact the stores months ahead of time to get plain or unprinted grocery bags. Since we got off to a late start, ours were already printed. We solved this by gluing a blank piece of paper to each bag and letting the students decorate it. However, it would have been nice to eliminate that step and use less paper in the process. We hope to do this activity again in 2001 and we hope our participation will inspire other schools, too!

submitted on 1/18/2001

Susan Steele
La Habra Hilltoppers 4-H Club
La Habra, CAUSA

We decorated 954 bags!

About our project: Several of the La Habra Hilltoppers 4-H Club went to California Focus in June 1999, there our attendees were responsible for initiating a community service in our county that would provide a means for the county to better understand our club. Our specific club is very involved with recycling newspapers and we felt that this would be a good extension, to inform the community of the importance to recycle and how 4-H also is concerned with the pollution and waste problem our society has. Ralphs Grocery Stores were very generous in donating the bags as well as cookies for our club. Our goal was to have 1000 bags decorated and our main event would take place at Youth Expo, which is held in April at the Orange County Fairgrounds. This is a fair that is based around the boyscouts, girlscouts and 4-H, however it is open to the public. It is a fun and busy weekend and prepares children for the fair that takes place in July. We set our booth up in the 4-H building and had a staff of at least three people at all times. It was a good thing that we were able to give cookies out, because that made people want to stop by our booth and gave us the opportunity to explain our mission. We unfortunately feel short of our goal, but not by much. If we choose to do it again next year, we will check with the fairgrounds to see if we can have a booth outside, as there was more action outside than in the building. We also thought that it would be neat if we set up tables in front of the grocery stores on a weekend and had people decorate before going shopping. When we turned in our grocery bags we were very pleased to find that Ralphs Grocery paid us 5 cents for each decorated bag. To continue with the theme of recycling and reuse, our California Focus attendees will be attending a City Council Meeting this fall and see if we can plant trees in a local park with the money we earned. We felt like we were able to accomplish what we set out to do and had fun doing it along the way.

submitted on 8/23/2000

Ethan Walker
Alturas Elementary
Alturas, CAUSA

We decorated 96 bags!

About our project: I presented an Earth Day music unit singing songs and learning about ways to relate to the earth better. My students decorated bags to help community awareness and to feel a part of something big.

submitted on 6/2/2000

Linda Gregory
Urbita Elementary School
San Bernardino, CAUSA

We decorated 420 bags!

About our project: This was part of our Earth Day Recycle Fair. Besides decorating the bags with Earth Day messages, students made projects from recycled materials and wrote chalk messages on the blacktop.

submitted on 5/22/2000