Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2005

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Gerlit Betancourt
Stagecoach Elementary School
Gallup, NM USA

We decorated 20 bags!

About our project: My students had so much fun!!! About our project: We decorated 20 bags!!! One of my friends at another school told me how successful this activity was for her last year, so I decided to participate in this interesting project. We just loved it! My students and I enjoyed it a lot when they were decorating the bags. We were discussing about why and how we needed to save the EARTH. My students were eager to participate and they had lots of fun. Thank you Jonice, it worked out really well!

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submitted on 4/24/2005

Jonice Tovar
J.F.Kennedy Middle School
Gallup, NM USA

We decorated 60 bags!

About our project: We decorated 60 grocery bags! For the second year in a row, J.F.Kennedy students decorated paper bags to celebrate Earth Day! Not only did they decorate the bags, but also asked me to go around the school (especially outside!) and pick up trash. The school principal thought it was a great idea and let us go to different spots to clean up their school. Cool, huh! They enjoyed this project a lot and helped put up all the posters they sent us, around the school and community areas. Thanks again to the store manager for lending us the bags and the school authorities for supporting this project in class!

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submitted on 4/22/2005