Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Posters now available!!

Project posters are now available online. These are once again offered free, and there is a brand new design this year! Head to the Requests for Posters page. Many thanks again to the American Forest & Paper Association!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Posters available again!

Great news! I just received word from the AF&PA (American Forest and Paper Association) that The Earth Day Groceries Project poster will again be available this year! They are in fact working on a new, updated version. This will continue to be distributed free to organizations participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project.

Requests for the poster can be made only by filling out the form on the Project web site. Please do not send email requests for the poster. The form will be set up hopefully by the end of February.

Watch this space to find out when the poster requests first become available. Subscribe to this blog via rss (see right) and get the news when it breaks! - Mark

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Project posters

I've already received several requests for the Project poster, offered in years past by the American Forest & Paper Association. I do not yet know if the poster will be available, but I am checking on this now. I will say that international orders will probably not be possible, based on what has been offered before.

Whatever news I find out about the posters - good or bad - I will post here immediately - so, add this blog to your rss reader, list of favorites, bookmarks, etc. and stay in the loop! - Mark

The Project Blog is born

Here is what I hope will become a useful medium for conveying information about the Earth Day Groceries Project. Comments are open to anyone. I really hope many will take advantage of the rss feeds. This will be a much more dynamic line of communication. It also will be a lot easier for me, as the project manager and webmaster, to convey late breaking news.