Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting Ready for 2008!

Yes, the Earth Day Groceries Project is on again in 2008! Every year about this time I end up being amazed - and jolted into action - by email queries from people wondering if the Project is still going - next year. You bet it is.

2008 will mark the fifteenth year this activity has been coordinated on the Internet!

A quick way to get started is to go right to the Four Simple Steps page, and start making plans for April 22, 2008.

If you don't see references to 2008 as you look through the website, know that I'm getting there. In the meantime, I'll note updates to the website, right here in this blog. So encourage those who might be interested in participating to subscribe to the rss feed for this blog. And leave questions via comments here, of course.

More coming soon,
Mark Ahlness
project founder and third grade teacher