Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Shawna Harris
Roosevelt Elementary
Portsmouth, OHUSA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: I incorporated this wonderful project into an Earth Day Unit I was doing in a fourth grade class during my student teaching. Thanks to all the other teachers our whole building was able to participate. It was a great success!

submitted on 6/4/2001

Kiya Patrick
Montgomery County Solid Waste District
Dayton, OHUSA

We decorated 6395 bags!

About our project: I am a community program specialist with the Montgomery County Solid Waste District, and I coordinated this project with 15 schools and seven Kroger stores within the county. We used this project as an environmental awareness project focusing on recycling for both the students and the community. The response I've gotten from teachers, students and Kroger stores thus far has been very positive. We made the project as easy as possible for all involved, the Solid Waste District did all of the leg work, including the delivery and redelivery of all 6,395 paper bags. This was an easy and fun project, I expect that as we continue to do this it will definitely grow throughout the county! Thanks to all the stores who donated bags and all the school who participated. Participating Schools: City Day Community School: 260 bags Dayton Academy: 600 bags EJ Brown Elementary: 500 bags Horace Mann Elementary: 300 bags Lincoln Elmentary: 305 bags Kiser Middle School: 700 bags Kettering Middle School: 1300 Meadowdale High School: 150 Miami Valley Child Care Centers: 30 Patterson Kennedy Elementary: 400 Phillipsburg Elementary: 260 Richard Allen Academy: 115 St. Helen's School: 475 St. Peter's School: 800 World of Wonder Accelerated Learning School: 200

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submitted on 5/1/2000

Judy Griggs
Stow-Munroe Falls Elementary Schools

We decorated 1282 bags!

About our project: Students in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District were invited to decorate grocery bags to celebrate the 30th anniversary of earth day. Kindergarten through fourth grade students in six public and two private schools in the district participated. Four local grocery stores donated bags. Each school was assigned a grocery store who would distribute their bags on earth day. Next year we plan to include all grade levels in the district.

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submitted on 4/26/2000

Katherine Kasper
Waterloo High
Atwater, OHUSA

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: This is our first time ever doing this and the high school students loved it. Teachers used it for extra-credit, or in class projects or just for fun. Many students made several. It was a real kick to go to the Giant Eagle on Earth Day and get our groceries with bags we decorated ourselves. The clerks said the customers really loved it. This felt like a real community-school outreach. Next year I will get it together soon enough to involve the primary and middle school too. Thanks for a great and simple, yet effective method to share in Earth Day Awareness

submitted on 4/25/2000

Sue Gallagher
Hathaway Brown
Shaker Hts., OHUSA

We decorated 164 bags!

About our project: Students watched an Earth Day slide show to give them ideas for decorating their bags. We lined the hallways with our environmental messages for all the see. The bags will be displayed in the Heinens store to spread the Earth Day messages even farther.

submitted on 4/24/2000