Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2002

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Anne Munro
St. Catharine School, Westwood
Cincinnati, OHUSA

We decorated 800 bags!

About our project: Our first "Earth Day Groceries Project" was a hit! The students enjoyed decorating the bags and learning about recycling. Some of the classes chose to do this as a "buddy" project - working with partners from a different grade level - so we built our sense of school community along with learning the importance of recycling! We are looking forward to involvement in next year's "project"!!! Anne Munro

submitted on 6/17/2002

Kiya Patrick
Montgomery County Solid Waste
Moraine, OHUSA

We decorated 7078 bags!

About our project: The following schools participated in this years bag project: Northmoor Elementary, Shilohview Elementary, Holy Angels School, Alexandria Montessori, E.D. Smith School, Richard Allen Academy, World of Wonder School, Phillipsburg Elementary, Oakwood High School, Frank Nicholas Elementary, Our Lady of Mercy School, Colin Powell Leadership Academy, Horace Mann Montessori, EJ Brown Elemenatry, Morain Meadows, St. Rita School, Dayton Academy, City Day Community School. Thank you to all of the stores that made this project a success!

submitted on 6/13/2002

Karen Jayne
Franklin Elementary
Elyria, OHUSA

We decorated 430 bags!

About our project: Our class read an article in the Weekly Reader magazine about the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. I thought our school could benefit from this project and have a positive effect on our local community. We appreciated working with the Giant Eagle store who provided us with the bags. The entire student body participated from Kindergarten through Sixth grade. Each class received a packet of materials to learn more about the importance of Earth Day. We had coverage in our local newspaper and our school district's local TV station put us on the air showing off our decorated bags. The customers enjoyed receiving these Earth Day bags at the store. Many learned a valuable lesson to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Giant Eagle received a plaque presented from our school and want us to participate again next year!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/24/2002

Sherryl Bourgeois
Gahanna, OHUSA

We decorated 360 bags!

About our project: Mrs. Bourgeois’ morning and afternoon kindergarten classes participated in the On-line Grocery bag project with the assistance of the building Educational Technologist and the entire building staff and student body. Mrs. Stewart, our building art teacher, worked on the bags with the kindergarten students during their art classes. The students at Blacklick Elementary decorated and wrote environmental messages on approximately 360 grocery bags that were donated by the Gahanna Kroger store and distributed on Earth Day to customers. The kindergarten classes included this project as part of their Differentiated unit on Ecology. This was one of many activities the students were involved in during their two week unit. Our Grocery bag project was the result of many shared and interactive writing experiences. We are thankful that Kroger worked with us to reinforce the message about reducing, reusing, and recycling in our community. NBC TV4 Columbus visited our school and interviewed students about decorating their bags for this online project. They also visited the Kroger store on Earth Day as the bags were being filled with groceries. This was filmed and broadcast on the 5:30 p.m. newscast. We were so excited! We are especially proud of how much our kindergarten students have learned about taking care of their world. Quotes about the project from some of our kindergarten students: · “I made a picture of people picking up trash because the trash makes the earth look bad.” · “I made a picture “Don’t pollute the earth.” · “If we pollute the earth, it will be gone.” · “We want to tell people to keep the world clean.” Thank you for making it possible for our class to be a part of your on-line project!

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 5/7/2002

Sue Kelly
summit solid waste authority
Akron, OHUSA

We decorated 702 bags!

About our project: Fun and easy project for schools and grocery stores! Good community relations project. The 702 students represent five school districts, eight public elementary schools, and 2 parochial.

submitted on 5/2/2002