Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2002

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Mary MacKay
Cary Elementary School

We decorated 21 bags!

About our project: Our second grade class is an officially recognized branch of KSE (Kids for Saving Earth). We have incorporated peace studies in our environmentally conscious efforts as well.

submitted on 4/26/2002

Emily Vann
North Johnston Middle
Micro, NCUSA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: Our sixth graders enjoyed decorating the bags in their science classes. Their teachers used this time to stress the importance of conserving the Earth's natural resources.

submitted on 4/26/2002

Jennifer Smith
South View Middle School
Hope Mills, NCUSA

We decorated 600 bags!

About our project: The students were taught a lesson on the importance of conservation. The students learned that it is important to protect the environment and view areas that were polluted due to litter and contamination. The students were given the bags and told that we were going to celebrate Earth Day and what it stands for. The students were excited about decorating the bags. I sent in the press release to two newspapers but so far it was not mentioned.

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submitted on 4/24/2002

Dawn Hunter
Southwood Elem. School
Kinston, NCUSA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: Integrated a follow-up lesson with our Weekly Reader. We had read about keeping our oceans clean and tied in Earth Day art with bags. The kids enjoyed the activity and Piggly Wiggly was excited too.

submitted on 4/22/2002

Kerry Vinsel
Ligon GT Magnet Middle School
Raleigh, NCUSA

We decorated 125 bags!

About our project: This was a wonderful project!! My ecology class joined with an art class to create the bags. Students painted the bags, then added environmental quotes and finally attached a list of ways to celebrate Earth Day. We took 9 of the students to Harris Teeter to deliver the bags and tell customers a little about what they did and why. They highlighted the suggestions which were stapled to the bags. Customers were excited and surprised and often asked more questions. We truly enjoyed the project and hope to do it again next year with even more students. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Our students had a chance to learn, create and share with the community -- this is learning in action!! Thank you!

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submitted on 4/22/2002