Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Brenda Jones
Page Street Elementary
Troy, NC USA

We decorated 375 bags!

About our project: Students are pleased and proud to be a part of the effort to make everyone more aware of Earth Day. We always work with Talley's Green Grocery in Charlotte. Fourth and fifth graders love to try to "top" their previous efforts. * My daughter is a second year law student at GW School of Law in Washington, D.C. Her specialty is environmental law! Take care of EARTH!!

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submitted on 2/28/2007

Sally Evans
Devonshire Elementary School
Charlotte, NC USA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: The project was completed as an interdisciplinary art and technology project. Students learned how to protect the earth from lessons in the computer lab. The art teacher worked on earth day messages and the art work for the bags. She contacted the stores and arranged to have the bags delivered. Joint projects like this one are fun and enriching for both staff, students, as well as for the community the school serves.

submitted on 4/28/2006

McRea Daniel
South Graham Elementary
Graham, NC USA

We decorated 35 bags!

About our project: This project was a great success! My students really enjoyed watching the powerpoints (which gave them many ideas on what to draw!) and then coloring their bags with many environmental messages. The bags turned out great and I was amazed at how creative and artistic my students were! Next year, we want to get the whole school involved and not just our class! Thanks for such a great idea!

submitted on 4/23/2006

Amanda DeSua
Clearmont Elem/East Yancey MS
Burnsville, NC USA

We decorated 50 bags!

About our project: The students greatly enjoyed decorating the paper bags and were excited that they would be seen in the community. Our local BiLo was very accomodating.

submitted on 4/21/2006

Susan Yaguda
Countryside Montessori School
Charlotte, NC USA

We decorated 60 bags!

About our project: Kindergarten yoga students decorated bags in celebration of Earth Day. The classroom teachers were very excited to integrate this into classroom work and increase environmental awareness in the children and their families.

submitted on 4/20/2006