Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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H. Mennes
Citrus Grove Elementary
Miami, FL USA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: Along with the Little Havana Community Science Workshop, students in the gifted program coordinated the grocery bag project. It was part of our ongoing Earth Day Celebrations which included a visit from EARTHMAN, poetry contest, decorated classroom doors, and the planting of new trees for our school

submitted on 5/20/2003

Fonda Thomas
Warrington Middle School
Pensacola, FL USA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: - This is the first year we have participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bags Project. Students used paints and markers to decorate the bags with positive Earth Day designs and slogans. Warrington Middle School and "We Care" were written on each bag. We enjoyed participating in this project and hope to expand it next year with school-wide participation. Thank you for this opportunity and we certainly look forward to doing it again. Fonda Thomas, teacher and wellness coordinator.

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submitted on 5/5/2003

Karen Holewinski
All Saints Catholic School
Sunrise, FL USA

We decorated 290 bags!

About our project: This is our 2nd year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project. One of the parents from the school, Dawn Wall, works for Publix and kindly gets the bags for us. Then, the students decorated the bags using crayons and markers. Their creative designs and slogans always amaze me. Once again, they really enjoyed doing this project!

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submitted on 4/28/2003

Michele Niemi
Hebrew Day School
Maitland, FL USA

We decorated 258 bags!

About our project: The Hebrew Day School is a small private school in the surrounding Orlando area. When I saw your website I knew that our school would love to participate in this project. Our three kindergarten classes quickly became busy distributing the bags collected from Publix. We announced the Earth Day Project on our morning news program. Everyone decorated the bags so differently! Some students used glitter, some markers, and some pastels. The best part was the feeling and thought that was put into their work. Our Kindergarteners sang a song on the morning news and displayed all of the bags for everyone to see. We were on our Spring Vacation during Earth Day so I delivered the bags to the supermarket. The customers were very happy to use the bags. I am very proud of our students at the Hebrew Day School of Central Florida and their concerns about our environment!!!

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submitted on 4/28/2003

Judy Lowry
Northwest Elementary
Hudson, FL USA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: This is my third year with this program and with Publix. They have been terrific!

submitted on 4/28/2003