Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Nicole Lambert
Reddick-Collier Elementary School
Reddick, FL USA

We decorated 26 bags!

About our project: At the end of our "Recycling Unit," my students and families decorated grocery bags with beautifully illustrated images and messages about recycling. We displayed our bags at the local supermarket and it was a great learning experience for all of us.

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submitted on 12/6/2007

Serbia Rosado
Santa Clara Elementary
Miami, FL USA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: This activity was a great learning experience for our students and community. The parents supported the activity by shopping at their neighborhood Winn Dixie Store. We also had a big out-door assembly where the children had the opportunity to share what they have learned and plant flowers as a culminating activity.

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submitted on 5/31/2007

Jennifer Roach
Clay Hill Elementary
Middleburg, FL USA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: Publix donated 500 bags to our school. The students viewed the Power Point presentation available from your site. They were so excited that they volunteered to assist in distributing the bags and collecting them once they were completed. All 500 bags were distributed within a couple of hours. The bags displayed some beautiful art work and insightful information about the importance of protecting our planet. This week coincided with our standardized tests for grades K-2, so it was a great project for the kids to participate in after their tests each day. It was also a fun way to learn all about Earth Day! Clay Hill Elementary looks forward to participating again next year!

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submitted on 5/1/2007

Teresa Hines
Palm Bay Elementary
Palm Bay, FL USA

We decorated 670 bags!

About our project: Our entire school was able to participate in the project thanks to our Art teacher, Mr. Cortes. He incorporated the bags into his activity class lesson plans for a couple of weeks to give everyone a chance to participate.

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submitted on 4/28/2007

Nicole Frederick
Ocala, FL USA

We decorated 130 bags!

About our project: 3rd grade students did an Earth Day rotation among 8 classrooms. One of the stations was this activity. The kids loved it!

submitted on 4/27/2007