Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Nicole Lambert
Reddick-Collier Elementary School
Reddick , FL USA

We decorated 25 bags!

About our project: At the end of our "Recycling Unit", my class and families decorated grocery bags with beautiful illustrations and messages about recycling. We put some of them on display at our local supermarket and gave out others to shoppers to help spread the message of saving our earth.

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submitted on 12/6/2007

Suzanne Ashmore
Bailey Middle
Pensacola, FL USA

We decorated 110 bags!

About our project: I asked one of my military parents to get some bags from the commisary since they were the only ones in our area that used them. The kids loved doing the project. The cashiers and baggers in the store were very excited to help us with getting the word out about Earth Day.

submitted on 3/27/2007

Cheryl McConnell
St. Luke's Lutheran School
Oviedo, FL USA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: I received an e-mail through the girl scouts about this activity and thought it was a great idea to get our whole school involved. I've approximated the number of bags and students involved. I actually picked up 500 bags from Publix and the art teacher had her students color them and she delivered them back to the store. The Publix chain of stores are very good at participating with the schools.

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submitted on 6/29/2006

Rod Jackson
Grace Lutheran Church & School
Jacksonville, FL USA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: The students of Grace Lutheran School as well as our Cub Scouts and our Girl Scouts affliated with our school all helped participate in this project. They all learned about Recycling and ways to help make this a cleaner world. By decorating the bags they also got the word out to all those that bought their groceries on Earth Day! What an awesome project and we look forward to doing it every year!

submitted on 6/4/2006

Becky Prado
Key Biscayne International Christian School
Key Biscayne, FL USA

We decorated 66 bags!

About our project: I found out about the Earth Day Project through a website. Our school KBICS is very into helping the environment and it's constantly looking for ways to cooperate. We received the posters from the website. They were displayed throughout the school grounds. Even though some of the stores were at times reluctant. Winn Dixie / Milam's and Publix were receptive. We also had the idea that each child could bring a paper bag and decorate it. After they all had fun decorating their paper bag and learning more about what we can do to help the Earth. I took the paper bags to the stores and they were very pleased. KBICS will definitely adopt this project as their own. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

submitted on 5/11/2006