Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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Monica Gutierrez
The Regis School of the Sacred Heart
Houston, TX USA

We decorated 269 bags!

About our project: The boys of The Regis School of the Sacred Heart had a great time participating in this project! The entire school decorated 269 bags. The creative and artistic sides of the boys really came alive. The 3PreK and 4PreK decorated bags with hand prints and finger painting. Some even cut out pictures of animals and rainforest scenes from environmental magazines and glued them on their bags. The Spanish classes created bags with slogans in Spanish. The Grocery Bag Project was a wonderful activity which involved our entire school and we're looking forward to participating again next year. We also thank our neighborhood Kroger store for joing with us in this great event.

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submitted on 6/19/2003

Myra Grubbs
girl scouts
Katy, TX USA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: I have 2 troops of girl scouts. both troops did earth day bags and had a great time doing it. We decorated the bags the week before earthday and turned them in the day before. We also planted flowers and shrubs for our elementary school. we made 150 bags with 13 girls. Just think what girl scouts could do en masse. for future reference, scouts love patches. We wish there was an earthday bags patch we could buy.

submitted on 5/17/2003

April Casanova-Pizana
Ortiz Middle School/ Houston ISD
Houston, TX USA

We decorated 150 bags!

About our project: Mrs. Pizana’s students have been learning about the environment this six weeks. Each student was assigned 1 of 10 different topics to research which pertained to the environment. Topics included learning about global warming, rainforests, conservation, pollution, toxic chemicals, and endangered species. The project is part of the Earth Day Bags campaign. In their endeavor students Living in Houston we are all aware of the growing pollution problem our city faces. Inspired by Earth Day students in the ESL cluster at Ortiz Middle School recently participated in a program to help save the earth. borrowed brown paper bags from a local grocer, decorated them with information about the environment, and then returnd the bags to the store. Messages on the bags encourage patrons to take the bag back to the store and reuse them over and over in order to conserve resources. As a result of this project students learned how they can help save the earth and they thoroughly enjoyed sending the message to the community that kids do care. Mrs. Pizana participated in this project to educate students on how they too can make a difference. Since doing the project students have begun saving paper by writing on both sides, turning off water when brushing teeth, and encouraging parents not to carpool. To see some of the Earth Day bags made by our students visit

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submitted on 5/15/2003

Cary Wacker
City of Sherman
Sherman, TX USA

We decorated 2400 bags!

About our project: Great year! One of the six participating elementary schools had a contest and gave prizes to the best design in each grade. The grocery stores love the bags and two of the stores displayed decorated bags in the front windows.

submitted on 5/14/2003

Diane Puckett
Harwood Junior High
Bedford, TX USA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: We did our bags on Earth Day. A lot of our students had not heard of Earth Day or the grocery bag project. They really got into the project and were very proud of their bags. Next year, I want to start earlier so the public knows more about it. Thanks for a really interesting, easy projects to do with 8th graders!

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submitted on 5/1/2003