Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Shirley LaVecchia
Sacred Heart School
Warner Robins, GAUSA

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: Our student council sponsored this project as a community building one and one designed to make all aware of environmental issues. We had gracious reception at Kroger's and the kids had a wonderful time. We submitted photos in three newspapers and all were printed showing the kids drawing and giving the Earth Day web site information.

submitted on 5/1/2000

Bobbie Kennedy
Eastanollee Elem
Eastanollee, GAUSA

We decorated 600 bags!

About our project: The bags were decorated with recycling and environmental themes. They were also used as an advertising tool to remind people to attend our local Earth Fest at Henderson Falls Park. A cute bag was from a kindergarten boy who drew 2 faces and said it was himself looking into water which he wanted to stay clean so he could continue to see himself.

submitted on 5/1/2000

Rhonda Dominguez
Rockbridge Elementary
Norcross, GAUSA

We decorated 825 bags!

About our project: The students in grades k - 5 decorated the bags donated to us by our business partner, Publix. We discussed environmental issues~ AND we discovered how different art materials could be used to decorate the bags, wrote poetry on the bags, included bilingual messages to reach our local population withour Earth Day "reminders", and students used technology to view this website and get ideas for decorating their bags. My class also became the distributors of the bags~ counting out the requested amount and delivering them to the appropriate classrooms. We really enjoyed this project and look forward to participating next year!

submitted on 4/30/2000

Betty Jones
Art Factory, Inc.
Augusta, GAUSA

We decorated 1500 bags!

About our project: During our 2000 Spring Arts Camp, students participated in art projects that focused on the environment. We involved students in projects that allowed them to reuse, recycle and reduce. Artists guided participants as they explored the effects of the environment on works of art and what steps are being taken to protect these works of art today.

submitted on 4/29/2000

Tisha Griner
Malcom Bridge Middle School
Bogart, GAUSA

We decorated 346 bags!

About our project: This project started out as a single classroom project and went school wide in only a couple of days. Teachers and students liked the project. Some teachers even made a contest out of the bag decorating project. Thankyou so much for your ideas.

submitted on 4/29/2000