Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Michelle Miloshoff
Jackson Elementary School
Valparaiso, INUSA

We decorated 430 bags!

About our project: As Daisy Girl Scouts, our troop was not allowed to be involved in fundraising. Instead, we recycled aluminum cans and earned money for our troop. During the year, we had a visit from our county educator to teach the girls a few things about the importance of recycling (cans, newspaper, etc.). We had become known as the environmental troop. When the time came for us to decide on a community service project, we decided to be involved with the earth day groceries project. It not only promoted earth day, but helped them work as a team and promote Girl Scouts as well. 20 of our 21 classes participated in the program. We're hoping to have 100% involvment in 2001.

submitted on 1/30/2001

Marnie Hascall
Lakeside Elementary
Indianapolis, INUSA

We decorated 450 bags!

About our project: The students loved decorating their bags. They learned a lot about Earth Day and how important it is to recycle paper. Many even went to Marsh and brought the bag they recieved back to school for us all to see. It was a wonderful experience.

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submitted on 6/18/2000

Kathy Evans
Orange Elementary School
Glenwood, INUSA

We decorated 196 bags!

About our project: All students at Orange Elementary School, as part of our Earthday projects, decorated 196 paper grocery bags for the activity and some of the grocers used bags were also returned as an extension of the project. Students were very creative and enjoyed participating in this event. This is Orange's second year in the Earthday Grocery Project. Orange Elementary School is a small rural school located about 12 miles from Connersville, Indiana in the town of Orange and is part of the Fayette County School corporation. Connersville is in the east central part of Indiana.

submitted on 5/4/2000

Pat Reyes
Lincoln Elem
Roselawn, INUSA

We decorated 487 bags!

About our project: Lincoln Elem students were busy the week of April 17-21. The Roselawn IGA provided brown grocery bags for students at Lincoln. Students in grades K-6 decorated bags around the theme "Save the Earth". The bags were presented to Tim Myers of the Roselawn IGA by student council representative Cody Rowland. Lincoln third graders have an extra project in the works. They joined with third graders all over the state of Indiana and planted a tree in the school yard. Each student received their own tree seedling to take home and plant. This stressed the importance of plants to the earth.

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submitted on 4/29/2000

Sharon Klahn
Yost Elementary
Porter, INUSA

We decorated 659 bags!

About our project: In celebration of Earth Day, teachers and students from Yost School participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Our computer teacher, Mrs. Klahn, taught us about Earth Day, helped us make Earth Day cards, and got the bags for the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. We appreciate WiseWay's support of this environmental project. We had a goal to decorate more bags than we did last year. Last year we decorated 603 bags. This year Yost kids made 659 bags. After we decorated the bags, we sent them to WiseWay to be packed for the shoppers. We had so much fun decorating the bags that we hope to decorate even more bags next year.

submitted on 4/26/2000