Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2006

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Barbara Shown
Washington Center Elementary
Fort Wayne, IN USA

We decorated 300 bags!

About our project: Students in Mr. Turner's 5th grade class created environmental awareness posters during their computer lab times. A local grocery store was contacted and the students decorated grocery bags with their messages. Other classrooms joined in. On Earth Day 2006, 300 grocery bags were passed out to shoppers at Scott's Food Stores, Coventry Ln., Fort Wayne, IN. The wonderfully illustrated messages and artwork gave a positive reminder to our community. Washington Center Elementary cares about the environment and wants us all to do our part. The students were interested in learning more about environmental solutions and are using the internet for research. Happy Earth Day from Fort Wayne, Indiana!

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submitted on 4/21/2007

Stephanie Donovan
Garden City Elementary
Indianapolis, IN USA

We decorated 525 bags!

About our project: Garden City Elementary students drew their messages on 525 Chapel Hill O’Malia’s paper grocery sacks. Students “borrowed” paper bags and decorated them with pictures and messages about Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. The sacks were then returned to O’Malia’s where they were used to bag their customers’ groceries on Earth Day, April 22nd. Messages in both English and Spanish gave ideas on how to care for the environment as, “Have a heart, Do your part-Pick up litter,” “Keep our water clean by picking up litter,” “Recycle plastic, cans, and paper,” and “If you cut down a tree, plant a new one.” Gator students had a ball spreading environmental awareness for their future and giving back to their community.

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submitted on 4/9/2007

Janet Cox
Flint Springs Elementary School
Huntington, IN USA

We decorated 417 bags!

About our project: We opened the project up to the whole school and 417 students participated. They decorated the bags with Earth Day slogans and pictures. It gave the teachers a great opportunity to teach a lesson on ecology. Thanks again! Janet Cox

submitted on 4/27/2006

Katie Clark
IUPUI--Indiana Reading Corps
Indianapolis, IN USA

We decorated 75 bags!

About our project: At a recent spring literacy fair, we had an entire station for painting the bags. The kids loved it and some got really into the project--painting sunsets, fields of daisies, etc. What a wonderful (and worthwhile) project!

submitted on 4/27/2006

Pat Reyes
Lincoln Elem.
DeMotte, IN USA

We decorated 419 bags!

About our project: Students from grades K-6 decorated bags for our local Roselawn IGA. Students brought in old books to our school library for a book exchange(recycling books). We also had a clean up the school grounds day and each student in the school received a tree to take home and plant.

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submitted on 4/24/2006