Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Cheryl Watt
Friendship Valley Elementary
Westminster, MDUSA

We decorated 547 bags!

About our project: This was our second year participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project and the students were just as excited to help spread the word as last year. Students once again were striving for accuracy and precision, thinking and communicating with clarity and precision, creating and innovating, taking responsible risks, persisting, and responding with wonderment and awe as they decorated their bags with environmental messages. This project also helped reinforce character traits of responsibility, self-discipline, self-confidence, helpfulness, service, perseverance, and dependability. FVE is thankful to have businesses such as Safeway to help support our children's education.

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submitted on 7/13/2000

Melanie Seibert
Boonsboro Elementary
Hagerstown, MDUSA

We decorated 550 bags!

About our project: This is the second year that Boonsboro Elementary has participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project. The students in grades k-5 decorated 550 grocery bags from Boonsboro Produce. I think this is an excellent program that gets the students involved not only in Earth Day, but in their communities.

submitted on 5/5/2000

Cyndi Kelly
Greenwood Elementary
Brookeville, MDUSA

We decorated 600 bags!

About our project: Greenwood students decorated over 600 Grocery Bags from two local stores (Shoppers Food Warehouse and Giant). The bags were beautifully decorated by the students! One store even displayed the bags before reusing them. We had lots of positive feedback from all who participated: the students, teachers, store employees and the shoppers who took the bags home!

submitted on 5/2/2000

Jenni Fraser
Thomson Estates Elementary
Elkton , MDUSA

We decorated 660 bags!

About our project: As a part of our School Wide writing program, Write on, students in Pre-K through 5 participated in the Earth Day bags project. The intermediate students reflected on environmental issues while the primary students focused on recycling. Acme Markets donated 700 bags to our school to decorate with earth friendly messages. The students and teachers loved the project and we will definately do it again next year.

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submitted on 4/28/2000

Teresa Sadeghin
Samuel Ogle Elementary
Bowie, MDUSA

We decorated 850 bags!

About our project: This is the second year we'v participated in the project. Last year we received several letters from people in the community who received the grocery bags. This year's grocery bags were even better than last year's. Student messages and art work were exceptional! Students looked forward to the community receiving the earth bags they worked so hard on and passing on their concern for the environment.

submitted on 4/25/2000