Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2005

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Katherine Ward
Good Shepherd Center
Baltimore, MD USA

We decorated 30 bags!

About our project: The Activity Department educated the students about the importance of recycling and reusing. The students decorated earth day coloring pages and then pasted them on the bags. We chose to do the project this way because we ran into the bags having writing on both the front and the back. It was easier to decorate a separate earth day message and then adhere it to the bags. The student that accompanied me to deliver the bags also learned about Trader Joes and how their organic products also keep the earth healthy. It was a great earth day experience!

submitted on 5/4/2005

Erin Kline
Monocacy Elementary
Frederick, MD USA

We decorated 800 bags!

About our project: Our bags were decorated during art class. Students in the YMCA after school program, and Brownie troop 1145 also helped decorate bags. The local paper, the Frederick News Post, did an article with a photo of students decorating the bags. The kids really enjoyed the project and we are very much looking forward to participating again next year!!!

submitted on 5/3/2005

Julie Keegstra
Chesapeake Bay Middle School
Pasadena, MD USA

We decorated 68 bags!

About our project: Tell students ahead of the project. Some brought in craft materials to decorate the bags.

submitted on 5/3/2005

Beth Hayre
Paint Branch Elementary School
College Park, MD USA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: The children loved the project. It was a huge success. The store was very willing to participate. The patrons were excited to see the children's work.

submitted on 5/3/2005

Karin Nord
The Maryland School for the Blind
Baltimore, MD USA

We decorated 65 bags!

About our project: This was the first time our school participated in this special project. This was one of 7 different activities that staff learned about during a training with an Earth Day theme. After putting a label on the bag and a title, staff took the bags back to their respective work areas/classrooms and had the students decorate them. We had students decorate them using stamps, bingo markers, and raised line drawings of the Earth that were colored in.

Look at our pictures!  

submitted on 4/27/2005