Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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Andrea Comiez
Meadow Hall Elementary
Rockville, MD USA

We decorated 400 bags!

About our project: All of our students decorated bags and had fun doing it! They were so excited that their "creations" would go home with actual customers.

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submitted on 4/30/2003

Ana Hayes-Perez
Baltimore Public Works Museum
Baltimore, MD USA

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: The Baltimore Public Works Museum, with the assistance of the Maryland Department of the Environment, hosted the Earth Day Groceries Project April 1 - April 22, 2003. Inside the Museum there was a table to provide visitors with markers, crayons, stamps and stamp pads as well as the blank paper bags. In the same area we provided brochures and hand-outs about water conservation, recycling in Baltimore City and other environmental issues related to public works. Visitors who decorated a bag at the Museum received a free recycled paper pencil for their efforts. The bags were distributed at the Safeway Grocery Store in Canton, MD on Earth Day. This was the first year we participated and it was a very popular activity with our visitors.

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submitted on 4/23/2003

Traci White
Frederick Elementary
Baltimore, MD USA

We decorated 38 bags!

About our project: The second graders at Frederick Elementary School enjoyed discussing ways to preserved our earth. We also had fun completing the grocery store project of how we can save the earth. It was a fun activity.

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submitted on 4/22/2003

Anne Phillips
Joppa View Elementary
Baltimore, MD USA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: This is our third year of decorating bags with environmental messages. The project is great and raises the awareness of not only the community but the children participating. Thanks for this wonderful project!

submitted on 4/19/2003

Catherine Wynne
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Essex, MD USA

We decorated 85 bags!

About our project: Along with two other Loyola College seniors, I am student teaching at Mt. Carmel right now. We heard about this project at the last minute and loved the idea of it! Because it was last minute we did not have enough time to get the whole school involved (hopefully that will happen next year!). But because it fit in so perfectly with our social studies and science classes we really tried to make it work. Mars was very accommodating even at the last minute. The kids loved decorating the bags and loved the fact that other people were actually going to use them! Thanks a lot!

submitted on 4/11/2003