Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2000

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Mrs. Duranski
Columbus Field School
Columbus, NEUSA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: Kindergarten through 5th Grade students and teachers participated as part of Earth Week. Bags were provided by Hy-Vee Food Store in Columbus. 250 bags were completed and distributed.

submitted on 10/21/2000

Cheryl Escritt
Third Grade Rangers
Gibbon, NEUSA

We decorated 50 bags!

About our project: The Third Grade Rangers stationed at Gibbon, Nebraska participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project. We decorated 50 bags this year but will do more next year. Along with this project, rangers read many stories and watched videos in regards to our theme, "Taking Care of Our Earth". We recommend the books "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss and "Just a Dream" by Chris Van Allsburg. The students created a Power Point Slide Show entitled "Just Our Dreams" for caring for the Earth in the future. Collecting pop tabs has been a year-long project as well, with the count well over 30,000. We then donate them to the Ronald McDonald House in memory of a third grade student that passed away with cancer last year. We enjoyed participating in this worthwhile project!

submitted on 4/20/2000

Traci Scott
Skyline Elementary
Elkhorn, NEUSA

We decorated 200 bags!

About our project: Our 2nd grade team is made up of Traci Scott, Chreyl Larmore, Deb Boston, and Barb Ekeler. We celebrated Earth Day with the Earth Day Bag program and with Mrs. Larmore's class putting on a play about the importance of taking care of our earth. We learned how to recycle, take care of the enviornment and conserve energy for the future. We were proud to be a part of the Earth Day Bag program and plan to continue next year. Thank you, Mrs. Scott

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submitted on 4/20/2000

Peg Coover
Cairo, NEUSA

We decorated 38 bags!

About our project: It was a fun project and some of the students really put some effort into it. Markers tend to run out, but crayon and paint can rub off.

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submitted on 4/20/2000