Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2002

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Laura Feierabend
Weaver Lake Elementary
Maple Grove, MNUSA

We decorated 535 bags!

About our project: This was our first effort. Bags were donated by Cub Foods and were distributed to the classrooms by our 6th grade Junior Naturalists. Some teachers used class time to decorate bags and talk about Earth Day. Some students chose to use indoor recess time (due to bad weather) to do their project, and others took the bags home. The Junior Naturalists made a display case relating to the project, and hung examples around the school. We had a great time doing this - thanks for the idea!

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submitted on 10/21/2002

Ewan Ferguson
Bonner Elementary School
Stewartville, MNUSA

We decorated 297 bags!

About our project: We had very good response from the community. The local newspaper placed information about the project in the April 16 edition, and people were actually waiting for the bags to be delivered to the grocery store on the 19th. My students were proud and got a great sense of satisfaction knowing that their messages were so well received. They also were very excited about getting their picture in the paper. Great project, and actually easy to do. It's a good way to integrate many subjects. The kids loved it. I'm hoping to do it every year. Many thanks to the 14 classes who participated

submitted on 5/1/2002

Deb Griffith
South St. Paul Community of Promise
South St. Paul , MNUSA

We decorated 1700 bags!

About our project: This is the second year that the Community of South St. Paul participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. The 4 Elementary Schools in South St. Paul each participated in the project. This year, the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project was spearheaded by Josh Clayton, a Sophomore at the South St. Paul High School as part of his Eagle Scout Project. Josh also did 2 recycling displays at the South St. Paul City Hall and handed flyers out to all of the Elementary Schools as to how they can conserve, reuse and recycle. Josh was sponsored by the South St. Paul Community of Promise Task Force. He did a great job in coordinating the project and the schools enjoyed getting involved. Our thanks to Knowlans for participing in the project. We look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks for the great idea!!

submitted on 4/24/2002

Melanie Cleveland
Blackduck Elementary
Blackduck, MNUSA

We decorated 340 bags!

About our project: Our elementary students decorated 340 grocery bags for our local grocery store. The Earth Day theme was designed on each bag and lessons were taught that promoted recycling, reusing, and preservation of our earth. This was a great activity that all kids, regardless of age, could participate in. We are going to try for 500 bags next year!

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submitted on 4/23/2002

Denise Lage
Owatonna High School
Owatonna , MNUSA

We decorated 60 bags!

About our project: We used the project as a combined project between my Youth Service Leadership (YSL) students and their second grade reading buddies. The students meet every other Friday for a semester as part of our YSL curriculum. On Friday, April 19th, the YSL students read with their second grade buddies about the Earth Day Gorcery Bag project using the fact sheet that is available on your website and then each pair decorated 4 bags - two for Cashwise and two for Hy-Vee. We signed letters of thanks to the managers at each grocery store and gave them the thank you when I delivered the decorated bags. Our local paper, the Owatonna Peoples Press, came while we were working on the project and a color photo of a YSL student and her second grade buddy was on the front page of our Saturday, April 20, paper, with a caption explaining that the bags will be used today - Earth Day, April 22, at Hy-Vee and Cashwise. Thanks for the user friendly site and great idea. I wasn't aware of the site until I did a search for second grade Earth Day activities. Denise Lage, YSL instructor

submitted on 4/22/2002