Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2004

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Anne Rieke
Learning Center for Children
Minneapolis, MN USA

We decorated 30 bags!

About our project: We are a very small alternative school and this was our first time participating in the grocery bag project. The kids had a ball! I do wish that we had done a few more bags, however. We gave the bags to one of the local co-ops, and on that following weekend, the co-op folks gave the bags away at an earth day celebration they had. I loved this project and will make every effort to do it again next year.

submitted on 6/7/2004

Alethea Montgomery
Lowell Music Magnet School
Duluth, MN USA

We decorated 320 bags!

About our project: The students enjoyed creating catchy slogans and rhymes about sustainability and ways to protect the earth. Two students even brought bags home and decorated more than 10 a piece!

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submitted on 5/4/2004

Erica Hess
Bert Raney Elementary
Granite Falls, MN USA

We decorated 21 bags!

About our project: I found this website online while planning my recycling unit and thought the kids would have a blast! I went to the grocery manager and explained the project to him and he said, "Well, that's the easiest question I've had all day!" He was very excited about it and was happy to borrow the bags. The kids enjoyed decorating the bags. We brainstormed together on the board some possible "slogans" and came up with a very long list. When the children were free to start their bags I had to stop them and remind them once again that we want to catch the shopper's attention and that they don't have a lot of time to read long stories. They all wanted to put everything they knew about recycling, reducing, reusing, etc. It was cute! At least they were excited about what they were doing and had a lot of valuable information to share. When I delivered the bags to the grocery the man was really excited about them and had a huge smile on his face. It was like he was waiting for them. Was fun to see that and made me even happier to have participated in this awesome community involvement activity! Thank you for the idea!

submitted on 4/24/2004

Cathy Krause
St. Pascals
St. Paul, MN USA

We decorated 350 bags!

About our project: The store was very helpful. They gave us 500 bags and will be setting up a display.

submitted on 4/22/2004