Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2003

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Wabanung Quaderer
LCOOCC Extension Program
Hayward, WI USA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: I wanted to do an activity for Earth Day 2003 and came across this website. I talked with the LCO Elementary School Principal about the project and she agreed to help organize the project with me. I was not able to borrow paper grocery bags from the store as they use plastic bags. I phoned the General Manager of the LCO IGA and he agreed to have the staff hand out the bags on April 11th. The students were excited about the project after I did a short presentation on Recycling and how they could help the Earth for future generations. I ordered the bags online and distributed them to the school. The teachers were more than willing to take the time to help the students with their bags. After taking the bags to the store, I talked to a few people about the bags and got a lot positive comments. The next week, I made a large poster board of the pictures I took of the students with their decorated bags and gave it to the Elementary Principal and she hung it in a window by the main entrance of the Elementary school. I also sent letter to the Principal and the teachers thanking them for their effort and time in this project. One student came up to me and told me he knew the person that got his bag...His Mom! I told him he did a great job on his bag and helped the earth by creating the bag. One of my co-workers went to the store that day just to get a bag. She now has it hanging in her office. A few months later the Principal asked me if I could do the project again next year and if I had anymore projects I could do with the students. Thanks for your awesome idea and generosity in allowing us to participate in this world wide project.

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submitted on 12/9/2003

Toni Krajnek
Glenwood Elementary School
Greenfield, WI USA

We decorated 250 bags!

About our project: All of the classrooms in our school participated in this Earth Day Activity! Many families showed interest in shopping on this day to see if they would receive one of the decorated bags at Pick N Save! A special thanks to Adam Rogge, at Pick N Save, for his support with this project. Our kindergarten teacher made labels with our school name, grade, and "Happy Earth Day" message to place on her young student's bags. This was a great idea for students who had a hard time writing their school name and grade. Way to go Glenwood!

submitted on 5/19/2003

Donna Kohnke
Walworth Middle School
Walworth, WI USA

We decorated 62 bags!

About our project: Walworth seventh grade students do an Earth Day Unit in their reading and English classes. Students research the topics of air, soil, water, plants and animals to educate themselves. This information is shared with other students through posters, poems, and songs. The Grocery Bag Project helps students to share what they've learned with the community outside of school.

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submitted on 5/14/2003

Rebecca Kieckhafer
53rd Street School
Milwaukee, WI USA

We decorated 175 bags!

About our project: This was our school's second year of participation in the Earth Day bags project and it was just as much fun as last year. Students with Cognitive Disabilites again teamed up with students in the 4th grade to decorate paper grocery bags for Earth Day awareness. The students were once again creative in their designs. One week prior to Earth Day, some students were allowed to help distribute the decorated bags to customers at Jewel Food Store. The project provided great environmental awareness to the school and local community.

submitted on 4/24/2003

Melissa Reichling
Southwestern High School
Hazel Green, WI USA

We decorated 500 bags!

About our project: My students learned to write a block style business letter, and then they wrote a letter to the three grocery stores explaining the project, the goal, and the time frame. A week after sending the letter, the students followed up with a phone call or email and made arrangements to pick up the bags. Once we had the bags, the students researched quotes related to the Earth and illustrated those quotes on the bags. The students really enjoyed the project and they have heard many great things from the grocery store patrons.

submitted on 4/22/2003