Earth Day Groceries Reports, 2007

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Lynn Ellis
Academy of Accelerated Learning
Milwaukee, WI USA

We decorated 575 bags!

About our project: We did this as an art project for the whole school. We have approximatley 575 students and we involved all of them from our 4 year old kindergardeners, our special ed students, all the way up to our 5th graders. I think even a few staff members decorated a bag. We used our school stamp with our school name, address, and phone number and stamped every bag so people would know who created the beautiful art work. We will be doing this project again in 2008 because all of the kids had a great time doing it!!!

submitted on 1/11/2008

Jody Laehn
Notre Dame of De Pere
De Pere, WI USA

We decorated 60 bags!

About our project: Notre Dame has been participating in the Earth Day Groceries Project for five years. We kick off the project in the computer lab by visiting your site to learn more about Earth Day and how the project works. After we have looked at bags from others schools, we begin drawing our ideas for our bags with KidPix software. Second grade also visits other interactive websites to discover the importance of Earth Day. Third grade enjoyed the program so much last year they also helped decorate bags again for 2007. Grade 2 and 3 decorated 60 bags. Thanks for a great community awareness project and an engaging way to incorporate technology. Our students are so proud of their bags. Thanks Piggly Wiggly for your support.

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submitted on 5/30/2007

Kathy Kafura
Spooner Middle School
Spooner, WI USA

We decorated 100 bags!

About our project: At Spooner Middle School we decorated 100 bags which were donated by a variety of local stores. Our After School 4-H Club students along with some other students, decorated the bags and then distributed them to the businesses. We all had a good time and it was a great experience.

submitted on 5/3/2007

Pat Poeschel
Schools in Pepin County
Durand, Arkansaw and Pepin, WI USA

We decorated 880 bags!

About our project: This was our 2nd annual Grocery Bag Project. The project was a huge success. Great participation by all the schools in Pepin County. Bags were provided to 9 different schools with grades K-12 participating. Our local supermarket, Econofoods, was so receptive to our project. The teachers who helped with the project were very enthusiastic and their dedication to the project showed through by the school children producing fine art work promoting conservation. Thank You for continuing to sponsor this project. It's great!! Pat Poeschel

submitted on 4/26/2007

Jennifer Vandermause
Emerson Elementary
La Crosse, WI USA

We decorated 155 bags!

About our project: I am student teaching in 1st grade, and used this Groceries Day Project as a service learning project for my students. I involved the whole school and had participation from each grade level. My students and I spent some time brainstorming before we decorated our bags and made a chart of ideas we could write and and draw about. We read Earth Day books and talked about the ways each of us could help our Earth. The students had a lot of fun with this. I also sent a note home to parents letting them know about the project and when the bags would be distributed at the grocery store, so they had the opportunity to take their child. I'll definitely be doing this project again when I have my first class in the fall!

submitted on 4/26/2007